Canadian Finances For New Years: What Will Make This Year Successful

Posted on Saturday 19 December 2015


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Though we haven't entered 2016, it is now time to get ready to prepare for some New Year's resolutions Canadians will stick with!  This blog might just be the one to hit home and make a difference in an individual's mapped out goals for the year--you never know!  

If you're interested in trimming up your budget and making it extremely fit for the New Year (and all year) then this is going to be extremely beneficial for all Canadians across British Columbia and elsewhere. The bottom line here is non-negotiable and is centered on establishing financial resolutions that will meet three top priority goals--building a savings, smarter spending and investing the smart way!  

Don't let these resolutions be like those common ones that come and go; it's time to really get serious, so let's now take a look at some of the best ways you can get this started properly for the New Year!

Making This Year's Financial Budget Successful

Remember, let this New Year help you evolve into a new way of thinking!  The first step to success is to remove all of the negative thinking and replace this with positivism!  The belief in yourself and the determination to succeed could be traits that do propel you to meet and stick with those financial budget goals throughout the year!  This is what will get you out of any possible debt as well. Especially credit card related debt.

Did you know that your relationship with your money is impacted by those in your life?  Did you also know that any emotional baggage your carrying around can sabotage your financial goals ? You see, it isn't all about establishing a budget, it's about your conscious decisions with money.  Thinking of getting an online payday loan? Just think it through first.

You want to be resolute this year in your financial decisions so you can finally get ahead.  So, the first step that is going to make this year different is changing your relationship with money!  Let these tips below make all the difference for you this year!  Don't try to be a superman or superwoman, remember--we are all only human!


Constructive Tips To Keep This New Year's Financial Resolutions In Place

Tip 1:  Take small baby steps... Everything begins as a process, a conscious decision.  If you take on a heavy task too fast and too soon, you'll fail.  If you go into money management misguided, you'll fail.  You don't want a relapse of past behavior.  Analyze every aspect of your finances, make conscious decisions and put forth a hearty effort to make a difference.  This is what you have to do to succeed!

Tip 2:  Don't beat yourself up over small mistakes... We all make mistakes, and regardless of what your financial goals are from here on out, no one is going to be perfect.  Don't beat yourself up if you slip up here and there, it's human to make an error.  Putting yourself down is the surefire way to give up and just begin old habits all over again.  Don't let this be you!

Tip 3:  Don't try to do it all alone... Even if you don't have a partner to advise you or give input, certainly you have people you're close too who would be happy to give you a tip or two--that is if they appear to be on the right financial path themselves.  Trying to do everything on your own can become overwhelming and set you back.  Be willing to open up and ask for some help to keep you focused and steadfast.

Tip 4:  Take a free financial education course... You can always take financial coaching courses online, or at your local community college in regards to improving your finances and understanding your financial goals.  This is great for a great many Canadians because it gives them a different viewpoint, from an outsider!  Sometimes you need this.  And you're never too old to learn a few new tricks, are you?

Tip 5:  Always make sure you're being accountable for your own actions... Don't pass the buck to someone, or on to something else.  We need to be held accountable for our own actions.  If you make a mistake, acknowledge that you do and pay attention to what might have been the cause of it.  Remember, focusing and being aware of your money and your decisions surrounding it are what help you change your attitude and mindset!  Accountability is one of the most important parts of becoming financially healthy!