Time Savings Tips For Stress Free Holiday Get Togethers

Posted on Friday 27 November 2015


There's no doubt about it; just a few practical time savings tips can make all the difference when it comes down to relaxing and having a great time with family and friends all throughout the holiday season!  Don't be one of those running around like a doe caught in the headlights! A panicked lemming shows poor time management and planning abilities!  Now, if you're one of many Canadians who feels like there is simply enough not time in the day for planning for anything--the holidays require balanced time management. Without some kind of strategy, this time of the year truly can be some of the most chaotic and stressful. By strategy, we don't mean get a whole bunch of weekend payday loans, but at least plan stuff out.

However, don't let this be YOU! Time management strategies really can do away with seasonal anxiety, believe it or not!  While it is more difficult for those Canadian families who work long hours, it can all still be fit into a well balanced schedule and can be enjoyed graciously too! Just remember, if you're one of many who is feeling more frazzled and frayed, rather than joyous and thankful, the following time savings tips and time management strategies can definitely reduce your stress over-load and help you to feel you're in control again! You might pleasantly find that some deep breathing exercises can help you move beyond the stress of the season.  However you approach the holidays, do so with a level of balanced time management --these tips are going to help you enjoy the holidays without unnecessary anxiety taking the anticipation and excitement away.  Let's get started!

Time Savings Tips For The Holiday Season That Are Tried And True


The first and most important thing to consider when the goal is to minimize adverse emotional states at the holidays is to ask yourself if your expectations are really meeting up with reality? If you're expecting too much from yourself then you're only going to end up suffering and wringing your hands in despair!  Be fair with yourself and don't push too hard--only you know what you can and can't do!  Now, ask yourself: 'Are you delegating responsibilities to help ease the preparations for the upcoming holidays', because if you're not you're really doing yourself a grave disservice.

Be Reasonable With Yourself And Delegate Responsibilities To Minimize Worry And Confusion

As we mentioned above, no one can do everything, it just isn't practical.  In order to really gain some true time savings and remove uncertainty, you have to start assigning tasks to others.  For example, if you're going to be doing the majority of the menu planning and cooking/baking--have someone else go and pick up the groceries, but don't you do it!  This will definitely remove some of that pent-up frustration!  You can look at decorating the same way; four hands are definitely better than two--and rather than rush through fun activities, you can slow down and truly savor the time!

Don't Over Book Yourself For Festivities And Other Entertainment

If you really are looking to relax and enjoy the holidays you should avoid scheduling too much.  When you over extend yourself, festivities and get-togethers can begin to feel out of your control, depleting you of energy and leaving you compromised. The goal is to enjoy yourself and have fun, so don't schedule so much you can't unwind at all.  You should also ensure you schedule plans for time with your significant other as well. One on one time is critical, especially at this time of the year!

Keep A Schedule And Manage It Well

In order to keep up and keep track you should have a way of scheduling and managing your time appropriately. Whether this is for gift shopping, entertainment, or simply wrapping presents--following an itinerary can keep things simple and orderly. You'll certainly be able to keep better track of what has been done and what there is yet to do!  This can be through a smart App or the traditional means (the old fashioned pen and book).  You'll be amazed at how smoothly things can go when you stay on track and fully know what time you have available.


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