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As an existing customer reloaning is…
As an existing customer reloaning is really quick and easy. No documents to email or calls to make simply click on the link enter your banking info and in no time your contracts will be available to sign and money deposited in your account Definitely my preferred go to lender when necessary.
Great Experience
Great Experience! Quick and Painless.😉
Best customer service
Best customer service. They are very commanding. Totally recommend this company to anyone for your loan needs.
A greeeat experience
The experience is pain free, fast and they are friendly, money comes in just a few minutes. Will use them again if needed.
really good company....customer …
really good company....customer service very efficient......and what they charge for 600 dollars is fair......only 75 dollars in 2 months......I will reloan again
I used mycanada Payday for quite a few…
I used mycanada Payday for quite a few years! They are absolutely amazing with the best staff. There is always someone to reply to your email or if you need help. Fees are reasonable and you receive your money within an hour - there have been delays if they are overly busy - but for the most part their process is clear and the representatives are easy to deal with
Fast and efficient service
Fast and efficient service
Quick and easy
Quick and easy, great service!
Diksha was helpful as soon as I called…
Diksha was helpful as soon as I called fir help. Guided me to the right place and made sure I knew to use chat if I needed help. I was approved for a lot more than needed and I chatted back to Diksha that I wanted to change the amount. Diksha got me my new approval for less and I got my funds in about 15 minutes. Thanks Diksha for your awesome solution and help.
By far the best payday loan company out…
By far the best payday loan company out there, believe me I know as I’ve used pretty much all of them. I’ve been using My Canada Payday for several years now. They are all very friendly, understanding and anytime I’ve emailed I have received a reply back in less than an hour. Whenever I have missed a payment they have been very accommodating and accepting of payment arrangements I’ve proposed; even when I’ve notified them for revised payment arrangements/dates.