When you need a loan, My Canada Payday is ready to help you out with a cash loan fast. It'd be even better if you didn't need a loan to begin with, and that's why we are here to help you get your finances on track with these educational resources. Learn how to budget, get government funds, improve your credit, and invest your extra cash here.

Canada has dozens of programs to help families out financially. We have researched all these programs and put all the information in one convenient place for you, broken down into federal and provincial programs.
All the federal and provincial benefits arrive all over the map throughout the month, and the schedule changes from year to year. To help keep your budgeting on track, we've done the work of collecting the dates into one area for you.
The best way to avoid getting into financial difficulty is to have a cushion to fall back on when unexpected bills show up. Investing your extra funds wisely is the best way to ensure you can get through any crisis.
You should always know what you're getting into when borrowing money. Every kind of loan is different, from rates and terms, to the impact on your credit and the consequences of non-payment.
Managing your credit is crucial when it comes to getting access to credit at low rates, and it can even be a requirement for renting apartments or applying for certain jobs. Learn what it takes to understand and improve your credit here.
One of the most important parts of keeping your finances healthy is managing your budget. Look here for advice on prioritizing your regular monthly expenses, while planning for unexpected expenses.
One of the best long term ways to financial health is bringing in more income, but that can be easier said than done. Read proven strategies to level up your career and raise the bottom line.