Credit Reports


Credit reports are used by banks, lenders, landlords, advertisers and many others to make all manner of decisions. To get the best outcomes in life, having a high credit score is a huge advantage. The first step to getting that is to understand how the score is calculated, and what actions you can take to influence it.

How credit scores are calculated

Credit scores are calculated based on your past financial activity as well as a host of demographic information and other factors. We summarize and explain the main five elements that go into your score here.

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How to improve your credit score

Take control of your credit score today with these actionable tips. Learn which factors are most important to improving your credit and what concrete actions you can take today.

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Transunion vs Equifax

The two major credit reporting bureaus in Canada are Transunion and Equifax. While similar, they have important differences.

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How to read a credit report

Credit reports include hundreds of individual factors. Learn how to read and understand yours.

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