Benefit Calendars


The Canadian federal and provincial governments have a host of benefit programs designed to help Canadian families with their monthly expenses. Whether you are borrowing against those payments or just planning out your monthly budget, we've gathered all the relevant information into one convenient location. Find out when your funds will be arriving and what programs you can apply for to increase your monthly income.


Families and individuals earning under a certain threshold are eligible to have their GST and HST payments returned to them on a quarterly basis. Learn more about when to expect the funds and how to apply for and ensure that you receive them.

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Canadian Child Benefit

In Canada, parents can receive a tax-free payment every month to help with the cost of raising each child. Read more to learn if you qualify for the Canada Child Benefit, how to apply, payment amounts and schedule.

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Old Age Security

Canada provides monthly payments to senior citizens and legal residents over the age of 60. Learn about the 4 different benefits under the Old Age Security (OAS) program, its eligibility criteria, and how much you can claim per month.

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ODSP provides monthly payments combined with useful health and employment-related benefits to disabled Ontarians at least 18 years old. Read on to explore the benefits, see if you qualify, and discover how much you can get.

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Canadian Pension Plan

CPP Summary: Canada Pension Plan is an important source of monthly income for many senior citizens. Most individuals employed in Canada can contribute to CPP and receive its benefits. This plan is available in all Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec — they have their own retirement program called Quebec Pension Plan. Click here to learn everything about Canada Pension Plan — what is it, its eligibility requirements, how much you can expect to receive, how to apply, and more.

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Albertans with severely limiting physical and mental handicaps can receive financial and health compensations to cover the individual's basic living expenses, spouse, and dependent children. Read on to explore the eligibility criteria for the AISH program, the different types of benefits available, payment dates, and how to apply for AISH.

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Ontario Works

Ontario Works is an indispensable program for those needing temporary financial assistance. Along with monthly payments, this program also offers employment and health-related assistance to eligible Ontarians. Click here to learn the criteria for qualifications, application process, and how much you can receive through Ontario Works.

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