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I defaulted on my loan and they worked…
I defaulted on my loan and they worked with me to pay it off. They were not hassling me and were very understanding. Then I was able to re-loan and given a second chance. I definitely will do business with them again.
It has been an excellent service
It has been an excellent service. They have helped me immediately upon request. I reccomend this highly to other people.
Fast and easy.
Fast and easy. Maybe too easy. Good customer service.
Very fast service
Very fast service. Great customer service
I am a repeat customer
I am a repeat customer. Their process is so streamlined, easy and fast. The funds were sent immediately after signing the contract. Excellent, extremely fast service!
Quick and efficient!
This online service is very quick and efficient. It’s everything at your finger tips. If you ever need to reach out over the phone the customer service is pleasant. They are there to help with any questions and your needs.
A good option
You know what, these guys are so simple and easy to deal with, don't charge an arm and a leg for interest and you usually have your money within a couple hours. Grateful for this company especially in trying times ❤
This company is amazing and easy to…
This company is amazing and easy to deal with. The entire process was done in no time.
Great service. Quick service.
I applied for a loan on Canada Day and within in an hour had my funds in my bank account. This was my 4th time using My Canada Payday and aside from the initial application I have always been served quickly. They were also VERY understanding when the pandemic first hit and allowed my loan to be paid by without penalty a month after I received it. I will continue to use My Canada Payday whenever I need a payday loan.
Always fast and willing to help no…
Always fast and willing to help no matter day or night. Thank you mcp you guys are a life saver