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8 days ago
Quick approval
Quick approval
10 days ago
Let me choose how much I want to loan…
Let me choose how much I want to loan instead of you choosing for me what I am approved to loan
13 days ago
I have bad credit yet they lent
I have verry bad credit yet these guys lent me money not much mind you but still trusted me with money owe them over 300+ dollars and yet to destroy my credit this company will takes those thug yankie corps to the cleaners...they know their clients and anyone who lends me $300+ basied on my credit is a hero...they get my respect and pay my fees any company helping those less fortunate should be Granted money as helping people like my family is more then anyone could beg for.... Thanks always Adam P.s. dont get greedy or this place will owen you take only what you NEED.
22 days ago
Big hassle for nothing
First time I was turned down because they haven’t even received all my paperwork yet. Finally had a chance to send in my paperwork and the link they sent me didn’t work, twice. Got all my paperwork sent in but then they close for the day so I had to wait till the next day. And I finally got rejected because my employer doesn’t use any kind of payroll system he uses the calculation system from revenue Canada and writes the checks himself they said that means they’re unable to prove that I am employed and cannot get aloan.
29 days ago
Misadvertised - poor service needs much revision
Misadvertised; asked for much more information than is necessary for compliance; non-compliant with PIPA (personal information act) Approval does not take minutes but a few days based on a regular loaning process; their system is unresponsive at times. Incidentally, I got approved after about 1 week and after a few phone calls to see where my application was, and correct simple mistakes such as an inability to call my employer (yes they call them) even after allowing them to login into my bank account or unable to change email account because the system did not read it correctly the first time
46 days ago
This is a scam my friend applied they…
This is a scam my friend applied they ask for info they shouldn't have and told her the money would be in her account in 2 to 3 hpurs the money never showed up and when she tried to called them back no one would answer. HUGE SCAM
48 days ago
Wrong advertisement for people has…
Wrong advertisement for people has badcredit.. you wont and ever get approved.
174 days ago
Great help, great company
I have used this company for loans and they're always accommodating and pleasant to talk to. I've never had a bad experience with them and will continue to use them when necessary.
175 days ago
You guys make my life so easy thanks
You guys make my life so easy thanks So much
177 days ago
Very easy and fast
Very easy and fast