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Existing customer Re Loan procedure:

At My Canada Payday, re-loaning is simple. There is no need to type out all your information again!

Step 1: Use the My Canada Payday application to upload a new screen capture

You should still have the My Canada Payday bank capture application installed on your computer. You can start it by double clicking its desktop icon, or from the Start Menu with Start-> My Canada Payday-> My Canada Payday.

Note: If you no longer have the program installed, search your E-Mail inbox for an email from us titled "My Canada Payday - Your loan is ready". this email contains the download link for you to re-install the program. Or call us at 877-730-8406 for assistance!

You'll remember this part from your last loan: The bank capture program's web browser window starts a list of local banks and credit unions will open. Select your bank from the list shown, or type in the address of your web banking page. Log into your web banking as you do normally.

Next, bring up your account history, so that your paycheque deposits are visible. We will need at least 60 days of data to approve your loan. Since you provided us with this last time, you can just capture back to the start of your previous loan, if that is less than 60 days ago.

If your first capture does not work properly or is of the wrong data, you can capture a second or as many more times as you need, by pressing the Capture button again.

Step 2: Agree to the Loan Agreement

Once we have everything, we will review your application and then send you your Loan Agreement through email. During business hours, this will usually happen within 15 minutes.

After you read through the agreement, we will record you agreeing to it over the phone, and you're done! It's as simple as that... For re-loan customers we will usually send you an Interac Email transfer with your money, which takes about a half hour after final approval.