Travel Deals During Covid-19

Posted on Monday 23 August 2021

Travel deals during Covid-19

Covid 19 caused widespread cancellations of vacations, weekend getaways, flights, and cruises. After Canadians were forced to put travel plans on hold during 2020 and much of 2021, it’s not surprising that as vaccine rollouts continue, many are looking forward to resuming their travel plans.

Although Covid 19 is far from over – and not all travel plans can be salvaged – it’s hard to deny that the stress of lockdown and cancelled plans is coming to a head. Some deals are so good though, you don't even need to connect with direct private lenders or something.

It goes without saying that weighing the risks involved in traveling during Covid 19 (and whether that risk is worth it) is completely up to you. Even with a vaccination, you might not feel comfortable traveling yet, and that’s okay! But if you’re itching to get out of the house, these travel deals are a great place to start. They will for sure help Canadians save money while having fun.

Take a cruise

Cruise lines are putting out some serious deals right now in an effort to bring people back onto their ships and into the sunshine. If you’re lucky enough to live near a coastal city (or if you don’t mind hopping on a flight), you might want to consider taking advantage of one of these deals from Carnival cruise lines:

  • Pack & Go Sale gives you 40% off select cruises through December. Escape the start of winter in The Bahamas, Mexico, or the Caribbean.
  • Triple the Perks Early Saver Sale gives you 40% off cruises, reduced deposit rates, onboard credits, and a free room upgrade. The sale works on cruises throughout 2024 (early planners, rejoice!) and takes you to tropical oases like Cozumel, Nassau, Catalina Island, and more. It's great because it's not like you need a limited budget to enjoy here.
  • Great Rates Triple Play Early Sale has up to 35% off on cruises, onboard credits, and a free room upgrade for bookings through November 2021. Even better, you can choose from 3-day cruises all the way up to 8-day cruises, so you don’t need to cut your vacation short!

Stay in style

Hotels were hit hard during Covid 19, and in order to get people out of their homes and back to traveling, many hotel chains are offering steep discounts on stays. Even luxury hotels are slashing prices, making it easier than ever to get away and stay in style. Check out these great deals from the following hotels:

  • Cape Panwa Hotel (Phuket, Thailand) has a private beach, two swimming pools, bars and restaurants, free breakfast, and a spa. Relax in a spacious room overlooking the ocean and get the celebrity treatment for a fraction of the cost! (Good news: if you’re vaccinated, you won’t need to quarantine while you’re there).
  • Boulders Resort & Spa (Scottsdale, AZ) may not have been on your bucket list before, but take one look at the resort grounds and you’ll want to start packing your bags immediately. Tucked in the Sonoran Desert, the resort has world-class amenities, including two championship golf courses, four swimming pools, and seven restaurants! There’s also a full-service spa and 15 miles of mountain hiking nearby, so there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.
  • Rome Cavalieri (Rome, Italy) is a leading vacation destination for history buffs, art aficionados, and foodies from across the globe – and this could be your perfect chance to stay in a luxury hotel without giving away an arm and a leg. The hotel sits on 15 acres of lush Mediterranean gardens, and offers panoramic views of the city and the Vatican. Play tennis, sunbathe on the poolside terrace, walk through their expansive art collection, enjoy a 3-Michelin star dinner on the rooftop, or return home from sightseeing in style.

Go on an adventure

Not all vacations are about relaxation – there are plenty of reasons to use a vacation for a new, thrill-seeking adventure! If you’re ready to explore the world, take a look at these adventure-based travel deals:

  • MT Sobek offers tours of the Galapagos Islands, where you can see tortoises, flamingos, iguanas, sea lions, sea turtles, and more! Explore crystal-clear lagoons and coves, spend the day kayaking and swimming, or take a hike through rich green forests. Best of all, you’ll have a private luxury yacht as your home base, so you’ll always have an incredibly relaxing place to refresh and re-energize after a day on the islands. On a side note, a few Canadians have started their own business here too.
  • Hotel Ranga is much more than a hotel. It’s an adventure-packed experience that immerses you in everything Iceland has to offer. Take a dip in volcanically heated hot springs, cool down in an ice cave, spend the day snowmobiling, or even horseback riding. They even have a stargazing observatory to provide unparalleled views of constellations and the Northern Lights.
  • Adventure Bay Charters offer tour packages that aren’t for the faint of heart. Located in Port Lincoln, Australia, vacationers can get up close and personal with great whites through their shark tours. They offer the largest cage in Australia (fits up to 8 people) and use sound waves instead of live bait to attract sharks.

The world is opening up, and the travel industry is slowly picking up speed. Whether you want to sunbathe on a white sand beach or explore ancient ruins, there’s a travel deal for you! But these prices won’t last forever, so if you’re ready to get out of the house and into your next adventure, now is the time to book!

No matter where you decide to go, make sure you are fully up to date on everything you’ll need. Check out their vaccination policy, read up on their refund and cancellations policies, and make sure you’ve got all the paperwork you’ll need. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!