Getting Your Finances in Order: Your 2020 Checklist

Focusing on boosting your financial health is a great way to start the new year off right and set yourself up for success down the road. But it’s hard to know where to begin, especially if you have multiple goals that you want to accomplish—or aren’t even sure what your goals should be.

That’s exactly why we’ve put together a checklist to help you get your finances in order for 2020. Take a look below for a step-by-step overview of how to set yourself up for financial success in the new year.

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Top 10 Money Saving Hacks of 2019

It isn’t easy to know where to begin when it comes to saving money, and it’s even harder to find the motivation to start. The good news is that there are plenty of creative (and manageable) ways that you can start implementing better savings habits. Take a look below for the top 10 money saving hacks of 2019 to get a little bit of inspiration for a better financial future in 2020.

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Rent vs. Own: Should You Consider a Mortgage?

Choosing between renting or buying a home is a decision that we will all have to make at some point in time, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. But understanding which one is better for your financial health is far from black and white. To make matters worse, there are tons of commonly held misunderstandings and myths about renting and buying, which only muddies the waters even further.

If you’re not exactly sure how to merge your financial health with your goals and values, this article was written specifically with you mind! In the sections below, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of renting vs. owning to help you get a better sense of which one is right for you.

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Top 5 Financial Tips For Canadian Entrepreneurs

Whether you are new to the entrepreneurial game or a seasoned pro, understanding the common pitfalls (and how to avoid them) will put any business plan on the path to success. In the sections below, we’ll share the top five financial tips for Canadian entrepreneurs. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying better financial health—not just for your business today, but for your own personal finances, too.

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What Is Lifestyle Inflation And How To Prioritize Your Spendings

Have you ever gotten a raise and immediately thought, “Perfect, I can afford that new car now!” Or left a tiny, studio apartment for a two-bedroom once you started getting bigger paycheques? Or maybe that bonus finally came in and your first inclination is to jump-start your plans to buy a home (even if you only have a couple of thousand dollars in your savings).

In a nutshell, that’s exactly what lifestyle inflation is—increasing the amount that you spend when your income increases. And that extra spending might not even be on the big things (like cars or houses), either! Most of the time, lifestyle inflation is simply part of a natural progression that happens when you make more money.

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How to Host Your Holiday Party on a Budget

All it takes is a little bit of creativity, and you can easily throw a party on a budget that everyone will love (and they won’t even realize that you’re spending less). In the sections below, we’ll give you the best tips on how to host your holiday party on a budget so that you don’t have to sacrifice your savings to have fun this holiday season.

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Top 10 Lessons in Money and Finance from 2019

We all want to get better at managing our finances—but if you don’t know where to begin, financial health can be a goal that feels way out of reach.

Luckily, there are plenty of tried and true rules out there that can work for you. Even better, you don’t have to be a financial genius to understand how they work and to start putting them into practice.

If you feel like your financial health could use a boost but don’t know where to begin, this list is for you. We’ve compiled the top 10 lessons that we’ve learned in 2019 about how to improve your financial health, one step at a time. Keep this list handy— 2020 could be your year to conquer the financial beast and start using smart financial habits!

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What is Inflation and the Importance of Earning Interest on Your Savings

If you aren’t a banker, investment broker, or someone who deals with financial topics on a daily basis, you probably don’t have a good grasp of inflation. And frankly, who could blame you? Economies are nothing short of complicated and there are plenty of factors that contribute to inflation.

Understanding the ebb and flow of inflation is a key part of ensuring that your personal finances are set up for success. This is particularly true if you plan on setting up an interest-bearing savings account—but inflation is going to affect your finances one way or another, from your mortgage to your daily cup of coffee.

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How Do Banks Make Money? The Importance of Earning Interest on Your Savings

Think about the last time that you signed up for a bank account. What made you choose that bank? They probably offered you a free checking account or a free cooler or a sweet gift card as part of the deal (and who doesn’t love free things).

But if banks are offering free checking accounts, giving prizes away, and giving some percentage rates of return to your hard-earned savings, how are they making money? Aren’t they just there to keep track of your cash and ensure that it stays safe?

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The Best Tried and True Ways to Save Money

There are plenty of tried and true ways to start saving money—and you can start saving money today, all without making huge, stressful sacrifices. In the sections below, we’ll walk you through the best ways to start saving money and show you just how easy it is to take control of your financial health.

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