The Truth About Canadians Working from Home

Posted on Friday 05 February 2021

There is a lot of discussion these days about working from home. For some Canadians, it has drastically improved their productivity, and their whole lifestyle. For others, working from home has been extremely challenging. If you look at what Canadians are saying on social media, the difference in opinion is truly amazing. Especially from our more populated cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

So is working from home during the pandemic the right thing to do? Or, is it something that’s making things worst? At the end, it all depends on what industry you are in and what works best for you. For some it has been quite sustainable, like people in the digital or short term loan industry. For others, not so much.

Just like anything, working from home has it’s pros and cons. The good part is you get to wear what you like, you can take a break when you want, and since you are not commuting to work anymore, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the process.

So this is the good stuff. Especially if you are a work from home entrepreneur.

Now how about the flip side of this coin?

Too Distracting

If you have weak concentration, working at home can be quite distracting. Plus if you have kids, it is reported that it can be even more challenging. Some just couldn't manage themselves, and even ended up with bad credit.

For most people, nothing is more fun than spending time with your kids but with work alongside, it could be quite stressful and hectic at times. At least it’s not as bad as for parents who are stuck at home without a job.

Although they are somewhat supporting themselves through payday loans, it’s still a hard situation to be in. Bottom line, if you are not a disciplined individual to some extent, you will have a hard time working from home.

You Might Become Lazy

If you weren’t working from home before the pandemic hit, there is a good chance you might actually become lazier than before.

Some Canadians reported that overtime, they started taking breaks at random hours or even dozed off during work hours. Which eventually affected their productivity, and their overall equilibrium. Especially for those attending online schools within the same 24 hour time frame. These people reported being late on their student loan payments. Just because they couldn't even manage their money properly.

So it is essential that you stick to your schedule and we even suggest that you ‘dress’ like you are going to work. This way, you will continue to perform well like you did when you actually went to the office.

Laziness Comes In

Some Canadians have experienced a lot of weight loss since they started working from home. Mainly because they are not eating with their co-workers anymore.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who have done just the opposite. This group tends to take a lot of little snack breaks while working from home and that has led to a noticeable weight gain.

Some Canadians even started spending more money on food than before. Even taking things to the extreme by taking out personal loans just to fulfill their new desire to eat more junk food.

Unfortunately it makes sense. We are not moving around like we use to and on top of that, we are not really allowed to go out like we did before. The only thing we can really do is eat and watch Netflix, etc.

No Social Life

For most Canadians, especially in their 40s and above, work was where they fulfilled their common social needs as well.

Working from home and then staying at home most of the time due to the pandemic, has really taken its toll on most people. When it comes to human interaction, Canadians have truly taken a big hit.

Working from home is great if you are not a social person but if you are, it can be downright devastating. This phenomenon on it’s own has given birth to a new and more taboo part of the pandemic: mental health issues.

Feeling Alone

Your worst enemy when you work at home is feeling alone. Even if you enjoy long hours working by yourself, staying at home all the time can still make you feel lonely.

If this continues, it could lead to more serious things like depression and even violence. Before the pandemic, if you worked from home, you could at least go for a nice walk or just hang out where you live.

In today’s world though, it’s not as easy. You literally have to plan everything and make sure when you go out, there are not too many people around, etc.

These things have added on to the overall stress. Some Canadians who are working from home right now are truly hanging on by a thread (Mentally).

Is Working from Home for You?

Don’t get us wrong. Working from home has been great for a lot of Canadians. People who are enjoying working from home are also more productive than they were in-house.

They are spending more time with their loved ones and producing results.

This has increased the overall revenue of their respective companies and with lower overhead costs, Canadian business owners don’t seem to mind this ‘work from home’ trend. Some even encourage it.

So at the end of the day, it really depends on you and the company you work for. Are you a work from home person or would you rather be in an office?

Either way, hang in there.