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Finance Hub

Finance Hub

Getting your financial house in order can be overwhelming. Follow our curated guide to dealing with every aspect of your finances.


For long term financial success, having a reliable monthly and yearly plan for spending. Knowing what expenses are coming and how much income is available to pay for them will keep unwanted surprises to a minimum. To this end, we've collected all our most useful articles on budgeting to help you stay on track.

Read about structuring your monthly costs and eating on a budget.


Budgeting gets you halfway to the goal of having solid a financial situation. Now let's look at what your long term goals are. For some, this might mean vacations or home ownership. For others, just clearing our debts and a comfortable retirement. Whatever you want to achieve, setting up a long term plan is going to be the key.

Read about: achieving financial security, planning for marriage, maternity leave and finally having children.


One of the biggest obstacles to financial freedom is debt. At times it can accumulate to the point where most of your income is going to paying off interest, like Alice and the Red Queen you end up running as fast as you can just to stay in place. To get out of this race, we bring you tried and tested methods of getting debt under control and working for you instead of the other way around.

Read about responsible credit card use, repaying debt and dealing with debt collectors.


If you've optimized your budget as far as it will go, the only way forward is to put more money into your budget. From building your career, to working on your side hustle, to throwing caution to the wind and starting your own business, everything we have learned about increasing your income.

Read about boosting your career, fixing up your resume, getting a raise at your job, earning passive income, and stepping up your side hustle while in college, on Instagram for example.


Increasing your income is great, but it doesn't help that much if you pay too much of your new earnings to the government. Check out our tips and tricks for keeping more of what you earn in your pocket. Some strategies are timeless and can be applied every year, in almost every country, whereas some are tied to the province you live in and the year the new regulations come out. Check back yearly for our annual updates.

Read about: tips and tricks for reducing taxes, and ideas for what to do with that tax refund.


Keeping your new earnings in your pocket is a pretty basic strategy, but we can do better. In this series of articles, learn how you can save your money efficiently, and also earn additional income from your investments.

Read about: the differences between RESPs and RRSPs, and saving money for college.


All the planning in the world can't account for every surprise that life throws at you. Sometimes it's unexpected like a car accident, and sometimes it's part of your long term plan like a new car or a mortgage. When you do need to borrow some money, it's best not to do it blindly. No two loans are the same, and there are times and places for all loans. By understanding the costs and purposes of different types of loans you can ensure that your loan actually helps your financial situation rather than entrenching it. With this series of articles, learn the ins and outs of borrowing money so you can choose the right loan for your needs, whether that's an online payday loan, an instalment loan, or a mortgage.

Read about: how fast loans are to process.

Last Resorts

Have things gone totally out of control and you need a backstop? Credit counselling can be just the thing to turn your financial trajectory into the right direction, saving yourself both money and reputation. When even credit counselling can't help, all is not lost: consumer proposals, and the ultimate last resort, bankruptcy, can still have you back on your feet, albeit after a difficult process.

Read about how to survive bankruptcy.