How to Make Money on Instagram

Posted on Sunday 15 July 2018

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Many individuals dream of earning thousands of dollars each month on Instagram. While this can happen, lucrative Instagram careers generally take time and require die-hard, and a lot of followers. Some even get easy payday loans to get going.

Also if you are just going in for the money, then good luck. People who are doing great on Instagram are following their own individual calling. They never went in for the money but rather sharing something they really enjoy doing. If others enjoy it, then that's just a bonus. Although you can get a payday loan for initial capital, it's best to start something only if you like it.

So don't go on Instagram with the mindset of getting rich quick. It doesn't work that way. Only use IG if you want to really share something that brings you amazing joy or may help a whole bunch of people. Either way, you are serving people. So once you get that out of the way, then it's time to focus on the technical details.

Strategic marketing, partnerships with brands, offering extra services, etc are some ways in which people can earn income from the use of their Instagram pages. According to Shopify almost each month, there are 800 million users who use Instagram every single day. Plus overall, instagram's page views are off the scale.

Furthermore, there are over 30 million businesses which advertise their products and services on Instagram. The growth in user engagement continues to surge, with every passing year. With that being said, there is an abundance of business opportunities on Instagram still.

Knowing how to go about these opportunities and being aware of the associated requirements, is what truly makes the difference. Even some famous money makers have Instagram accounts.

Establish an Active, Sizeable Base of Followers

Reports from The Cut state that brands on Instagram are highly unlikely to do business with users who have less than 5,000 followers. This is largely due to the fact that brands want to advertise their products or services to large audiences which henceforth increases their likelihood of obtaining sales and subsequent profits.

Now, there are some people who may attempt to solve the problem of having too few followers by simply going online and purchasing additional followers; there are countless sites which make this option possible. Nevertheless, buying Instagram followers is unlikely to put one on the path of monetizing their Instagram page.

This is due to the fact that brands keep track of rates of engagement. Engagement rates pertain to the number of comments, likes, and saves which users regularly receive on posted content. Needless to say, purchased followers are unlikely to engage with users' posts, unlike legitimate ones.

Advertise Your Own Business

While a variety of Instagram users rely on paid partnerships with various brands, this is not the only way of earning a profit on the platform. People who currently have their own businesses and enterprises are more than welcome to promote their own products/services, create special offers, etc.

The is no one exact way to promote a business, however; each individual will have to discover which strategies work best for them. Remember, you are not just promoting your business, you are promoting yourself. If you don't have the funds to do it, just get a cash advance.

Give it Time

Despite the plethora of Instagram, money-making opportunities, they do not happen overnight. A considerable amount of groundwork is absolutely imperative, as is patience. If money is a must, maybe just get a bunch of easy online loans that you can pay back as well. Just to keep things afloat.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who simply want what they want when they want it. Hence, waiting and building are not their fortes. Therefore, the failure to allow time to work its magic will subsequently throw a serious wrench in the path of eager users who desire a lucrative Instagram career. If that's the case, then you'll be in a need money now situation almost all the time. Don't chase it, become it!

A Final Word

Individuals who decide to pursue an Instagram career are strongly advised to have other sources of income, especially during the very beginning stages. Gathering a strong, active group of followers usually takes weeks, months, or even years. There are several stories of Instagram stars earning thousands of dollars each month, but that almost always comes after a hefty sum of groundwork, patience, and consistency. Just keep putting out content on a regular basis and most likely, great things will happen. Now that is almost a given.