How to Make Money on YouTube

Posted on Friday 20 July 2018

Countless individuals dream of enjoying lucrative YouTube careers which rake in thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars each month. However, this is often easier said than done. Creating a career as a YouTube star requires more work than most people might think. First and foremost, the content creator must get their channel monetized, which then permits companies to run ads on their videos. However, as stated by The Cut , YouTube users' channels are only eligible for monetization after they're reached 4,000 hours of views within one year's time and 1,000 subscribers. Even after users have surpassed the aforementioned benchmarks, YouTube still reserves the right to demonetize certain content if they deem it to be inappropriate or otherwise unsuitable for viewers. Starting a Youtube channel is like getting your first credit card or borrowing a payday loan online. Easy to do but it helps to learn in advance.

Partner With YouTube

While many YouTube users rely on video views and monetization as a means of earning income, there are other ways of establishing a fruitful career on the platform. One of the best options involves a direct partnership with YouTube. However, in order to take advantage of this opportunity, the user must have at least 10,000 views on their channel and stay within the guidelines of YouTube advertising rules. Assuming that YouTube accepts the user's application to become a partner, the content creator will then have to link their channel to the Google AdSense program, as explained by Nerd Wallet . Ultimately, users who become partners will receive compensation based on the number of video clicks and ad views, also known as YouTube "impressions." Finally, YouTube partners also have the option of utilizing YouTube Red. With this particular extension, users can set up their videos with an attached paywall. Following this, the audience which views the users' content can take advantage of YouTube's SuperChat feature. SuperChat permits viewers of the aforementioned content to pay certain amounts of money in exchange for the display of their comments and feedback within the content creator's chat.

Take Advantage of Fan Funding Opportunities

YouTube content creators with strong, active subscribers on the platform are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of a feature known as fan funding. Shopify explains that fan funding essentially allows viewers to donate money to certain YouTube users. Fan funding can take place via the applicable YouTube feature, Patreon donation, or donations to PayPal/other similar outlets. However, fan funding is completely at the discretion of viewers. This type of income should be viewed as a supplement to support a more reliable stream of YouTube income, such as ad revenue or direct partnerships with the YouTube platform.

A Final Word

Building a YouTube career takes time, persistence, and dedication...but it can be done. More often than not, the quality of published content will impact the user's career, including their garnered views and access to higher level opportunities on the platform. In other words, proficiency in video editing and interesting subject matters will go a long way. If the aspiring YouTube star does not currently possess video editing skills, they would do well to hire a professional, high-class video editor. It will certainly go a long way. Always remember...anything can be accomplished with the implementation of hard work.

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