How to Make Money as a Blogger

Posted on Monday 23 July 2018

There are a variety of ways to make money as a blogger. Whether you are trying to make money as a student or a seasoned marketer, be sure to do your due diligence on the tips provided. The same applies if you are considering taking a short-term loan to jumpstart your journey.

Blog Via WordPress

The platform a blogger uses to create content makes all the difference in the world. Currently, WordPress is one of the most popular sites for writers, bloggers, and people who enjoy creating written content. One of WordPress’s many upsides is the multiple opportunities to create revenue streams.

Maintain Sizeable Traffic

One of the most important factors for every blogger is traffic. Traffic, in essence, has to do with the number of people who visit the web page of the content creator. Views and readers are everything; a blogger can have the best content in the world and countless affiliate links, but if no one is visiting their page, it won't matter, and the blogger won't make any money, as affirmed by Blogging Wizard.

Maintaining high volumes of traffic to one's web page is where the groundwork is needed for bloggers. Thankfully, traffic can be increased by promoting blog posts on social media and creating SEO-friendly content. Building up a following takes time. Bloggers are recommended to post new content regularly.

Not only would this keep current readers engaged and active, but it would also breed new opportunities to attract more readers and strengthen SEO. Also, try to get into unique niches like funeral arrangements, helping local dentists, etc. These markets may or may not make you super-rich, but at least they can help you create a healthy source of income.

Making Money With Your Blog

Once you have a blog platform set up and you are getting traffic, that is the time to monetize your blog.

Here are the top 3 ways of doing that.

CPC or CPM ads

Cost-per-click or cost-per-mille (1000 impressions) is one of the most common ways bloggers make money. They are automatically integrated into the webpage as a banner or sidebar by ad services such as Google AdSense. Your blog hosting platform may even automate the ad service.

With this type of advertising, you do not need to directly work with advertisers. Instead, you can just focus on creating content. The audience engagement will do the rest of the work. Just make sure the content is helpful and addresses an issue in the market. Then literally, the sky is the limit.

Private ads

In contrast to a banner, you may work out a deal to create sponsored content for brands. It may be a simple product mention, an in-depth brand review, or they will simply pay to have a “brought to you by” mention on your page.

They will pay you directly and also have a say in the process of content creation. It may be a one-time collaboration, but such a deal might position you for further collaborations with other brands.

Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing works by sharing a unique link or promo code and earning a small commission on anything your audience buys through your site. While you may not make much for each item, the potential for long-term and consistent income is huge.

You can either work with an affiliate program such as Amazon Associates or many brands with their affiliate program. The advantage is that affiliate links usually stay active, affording you the potential to keep making you money even after the initial post date.

Sell your own products

Any reader of your blog might eventually become a customer. Whether you want to sell your knowledge (via an ebook), your travel photographs, or actual products, more direct sales mean more money in your pocket.

Having a blog that is search engine optimized is a great way to drive traffic to your site and get in front of potential customers. Of course, what you decide to sell is up to you, but your blog may be the crucial step in the process.

Although much time and effort are involved in earning sizeable revenue as a blogger, the process can be quite rewarding. Creating content via WordPress and building/maintaining a strong base of viewers and readers truly comes in handy.

Furthermore, asides from earning an income, bloggers also get to connect with numerous people and spread messages they feel passionate about.

Countless bloggers aspire to monetize their websites and earn income from doing what they love. While this feat can be accomplished, it requires some time, dedication, and the implementation of various strategies.