8 Expert Ways Canadians Can Stretch Their Money

Posted on Sunday 13 November 2016

How far can Canadians stretch their money today? Seriously—how far can that one paycheck take you? Unfortunately, it isn't very far for most Canadian families. Economics is definitely upside down across Canada and even more so within the US. The goal is to discover how you can stretch your money without feeling restricted doing so. It might sound difficult, but really, it's not. You have to develop the right attitude and mindset regarding your money. We do understand if you're already on a shoestring budget this can feel almost impossible.

However, there is always a way for those who are intent on improving their financial lives! We don't recommend accepting payday loans or taking out any kind of high interest loan to make ends meet either. You have to be smarter than this. If you're in a situation where you know you can pay a payday loan back in full, that's fine. In fact, personal loans can help to improve credit and might pay off debt. But, don't ever take one of these out and get trapped. Too many Canadian families do this and find themselves renewing it weekly, or pay period after pay period. Next thing you know, you are applying for child tax loans just to get by.

To avoid financial challenges, the first step you have to take is to learn money habits that will improve your financial life. This way, you're better positioned to stretch your money and save up to buy the things you desire.

Expert Tips To Guarantee Canadians Stretch Their Money


You might wonder how leaders maintain their composure and remain secure at all times. The simple answer lies in understanding the effective ways through which you can stretch your money and improve your performance.

Let's get right to it and help families begin to feel more comfortable about their finances. Remember, it's all about that mindset!

  • Make a rule to not spend a specific kind of currency! Whether these be $1 dollar bills or $5 dollar bills, start putting these aside each and every time you have them. You'll feel satisfaction watching that nest egg grow. You might even consider this habit as one of your new year's realistic financial goals.
  • Have you ever considered making your very own cleaning supplies? We all know how expensive these have become through the years, right? Well, if you make your own, you'll be saving some money—Canadians stretch their money in unbelievable ways like this!
  • As a parent looking to save money, put your children on a budget, and don't buy everything your children want either. This will teach them good money habits as they get older. If you do otherwise you'll be sitting up your kids for ultimate failure. A good way to avoid credit counsellors in the future too.
  • Write absolutely everything you spend down, it completely helps you keep track of where your money goes. This kind of habit can also help you to curb unnecessary spending. Remember, no matter what you need, don't dip in the emergency fund for it. Avoid that. Ultimately, you can either save or invest the money you save up while cutting down on unnecessary expenses.
  • Stop eating out every week! Begin planning meals at home ahead of time, and do the prep at the beginning of the week so it keeps everything simple. When you understand proper meal planning tips, you'll find that this is easy to achieve. This way, you don't have the excuse there is nothing for dinner!
  • Plan a weekly budget and stick to it. If you don't allow for extra spending, then don't spend. If you're on a goal-oriented plan, give yourself an incentive to not be persuaded.

Following these simple tips can help you learn how to stretch your Canadian dollars further and feel good doing so. As we've said before, it isn't hard to save or put more of your money to good use when you have the right plan in place.