Canadians Budgeting For Rising Grocery Costs

Posted on Tuesday 01 December 2015


[Updated for 2022]

It is almost a certainty that general living costs will increase over time, and food is no exception. While most Canadians are doing their best to tackle debts such as mortgages and loans, food can seem like a minor expense in comparison.

Financial analysts think Canadians are generally becoming less frivolous and more sensible with their spending habits, however over 68% of Canadians are finding it harder and harder to cut back on grocery bills. As cooking at home has become a bigger part of our lives in the last year, many Canadians are finding their grocery spendings skyrocketing (not to mention takeout!). Especially right now in 2011. Due to the pandemic.

Eating a joyful, healthy diet doesn’t have to break the bank, but rather requires a little extra planning and budgeting. Here are our top tips on cutting down your grocery bill:

Buy generic

It is crazy to think that the impact of marketing and branding doesn't effect our eating habits, but it’s true. The fancy branding and slick imagery can often fool us into spending more on pantry basics that really don’t deserve the splurge. Most supermarkets have their own generic brands, many of which source their product from the same suppliers! 25% of Canadians across British Columbia currently purchase generic grocery store brands, and for household basics this easy shopping tip is really a no-brainer.

Shop at a discount store

To take the savings up a notch, forego the fancy supermarket altogether. For instance, The Real Canadian Superstore or Safeway helps shoppers save more than 10% on their grocery shops. The advantage is you will feel less tempted by the more expensive brands on the shelf, and can often earn rewards over time.

Check out produce markets

Local farmers’ markets are a great way to get exceptional quality produce closer to cost price. By cutting out the grocery chain middleman, you could save up to 35% on fresh fruit and veggies. The trick is to shop seasonally, when local farmers likely have a surplus of certain foods. It’s a great way to eat healthy, too!

Request coupons directly from manufacturers

It may feel like a move your grandma would have made, but coupons are an excellent and often under-appreciated budgeting tool. Many brands want you to buy from them no matter what, so more often than not are happy to provide you with coupons if you ask. Bonus points if you combine them with grocery-store coupons!

Take advantage of sales

Buying cheap and buying bulk are key tools in saving money on groceries. Keep an eye out for sales on your regular household products, and pounce! Canadian shoppers can save over 25% on their groceries when they purchase at deeply discounted prices and stockpile these items in large amounts. And hey, at least you’re less likely to run out of your favourites!