Canadians Budgeting For Rising Grocery Costs In 2015

Posted on Tuesday 01 December 2015

Could Canadian debt reach upwards of $1,084 trillion by the end of 2015?  According to the most recent study carried out by The Canadian Lifestyles 2015 it very well could.  While Canadians are certainly interested in paying down their debt they aren't interested in cutting back on food, nor are they seemingly too concerned with their spending habits at the holidays.  Could this be a bad sign for the wallets of most?  Financial analysts think Canadians are becoming less frivolous and more sensible with their spending habits.  However, over 58% of Canadians are finding it harder and harder to cut back on grocery bills.  Instead these are rising. The tips we are offering here are focused on ways you might still enjoy excellent, healthy food choices, but find ways to save at the same time.  Budgeting certainly can happen, but you have to be willing to go that extra mile to shave off some of these costs.  Let's look at some of these now! wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Grocery-image.jpg

Canadians Budgeting Effectively For Rising Grocery Costs

25% of Canadians across British Columbia currently purchase generic grocery store brands, which saves them a great deal of money.  While you can't trust a generic brand name for every product, you'll find some of these have no real difference, in regards to main name brands.  While you might not want to buy generic cereal, you can purchase generic sweetener and never notice anything out of the norm.  In fact, for items such as: household cleaning supplies, flour, salt, and others--there is no real discernible difference at all.Below are some other amazing ways you can hope to keep some of that green in your wallet and not in a shop vendors hands! Budget Tip 2: There is nothing wrong with shopping at a discount store, and in fact, right now, about 10% of Canadians do just this!  For instance, The Real Canadian Superstore helps shoppers save more than 10% in grocery store costs.  This offers a great alternatives for those Canadians who desire to stick to a budget no matter what. Budget Tip 3: Have you considered shopping at discount produce markets?  These are known to save about 35% on fresh fruits and veggies, meaning a great deal of savings for you!  It might be wise to check these out if you have more trouble budgeting other grocery items.  Safeway, within Canada, offers great discounts and is known to sell superior quality, organic fruits and vegetables too.  You can also try out farmers market locations, because you'll save with these vendors, much more so than at a traditional grocery store chain. Budget Tip 4: Why not request coupons directly from manufacturers?  You can actually email manufacturers you regularly buy products through and more than likely they'll be more than happy to send you coupons.  If you do this every few weeks you'll notice the savings, but you have to put that excess money up to see it grow as well--that's not to be forgotten! Budget Tip 5: You should stockpile on groceries when they are having door busting sales, specifically considering how high routine weekly groceries now are.  In fact, shoppers across Canada can save above 25% on their groceries when they purchase at deeply discounted prices and stockpile these items in large amounts.  Of course, you have to stay on top of the weekly circulars and local sales to really gain an advantage.  If you're a dedicated budget shopper, and you clip coupons, this might be one of the best tips to save money! wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Save-on-food.jpg