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Payday Loans in British Columbia

British Columbia is the home province of My Canada Payday. In fact, our headquarters is located in Surrey. When you borrow from us you are dealing with a local business that will give you fast, excellent service. We have been operating in the loan industry in BC since 2008, so you know you can rely on us.

When you are flat out of cash, just what exactly can you do?

  • Try writing a cheque dated for after payroll
  • You can get some dough from a charge card
  • You can attempt giving an IOU as a substitute for money
  • Your employer could offer you a payroll advance
  • Consult to your bank manager and request overdraft protection
  • My Canada Payday might be the solution to your difficulties. We can deal with all the temporary monetary concerns you may have. Our personal loans are speedy, typically in as little as half an hour.

What makes My Canada Payday so terrific?

  • We don't want faxing anything
  • We have a payday lending license
  • High grade encryption keeps your application data private
  • Instant Interac transfers
  • Loans processed quickly by professional staff
  • No questions, we don't want to know why you want the cash
  • The loan deposited by EFT

The application process is extremely painless now!

  • We will deal with the loan application within minutes
  • Your account receives the money directly.
  • Your scheduled payment is taken straight from your account.
  • Filling out the application usually requires around 15 minutes

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