Getting Your Instant Wire Payday Loans

Posted on Monday 20 July 2020

Payday loans have a ton of advantages over traditional loans from banks and credit unions. Not only are they much easier to qualify for, but they also have a streamlined application process and fast delivery. Hands down, the ability to transfer funds via instant wire is one of the best things about getting a payday loan—especially when you are in a bind and can’t afford to wait weeks for the approval and delivery process.

Maybe you need a little extra in your bank account to cover your monthly bills, or to pay for a last-minute fix on your car. You might even want to consolidate a few outstanding bills, or to start building your credit history. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter why you need a loan—all that matters is that you get the funds you need to keep your monthly finances running strong. With instant wire payday loans, you could see your loan delivered to your bank account by the next business day (or in some cases, in a matter of hours).

But how does the process of getting instant wire payday loans actually work? If you’ve never gotten a payday loan before, you probably have a ton of questions. Keep reading: in the sections below, we’ll break down the instant wire payday loans process step by step so you know exactly what to expect from start to finish.

Step-By-Step Breakdown of Getting Instant Wire Payday Loans

All payday lenders have their unique differences—for example, one might provide loans for 30 days at a time, while another might offer 60-day loan terms. Despite these subtle differences, there are plenty of common threads when it comes to getting instant wire payday loans. Here’s a step-by-step overview of what you can expect:

Step 1: Fill out an online application

Applying online is a huge benefit for instant wire payday loans. It’s simple, straightforward, and fast. Best of all, filling out an online application means that you don’t have to worry about traveling to a storefront, waiting in line, or sitting down with a loan officer.

Apply for instant wire payday loans from your couch while watching TV, from the corner of your favorite coffee shop, or even during dinner. And there’s no limit on when you can apply, either—whether it’s 4 a.m. or 4 p.m., you can apply for a loan whenever it’s convenient for you.

During the application process, you can expect to fill in information such as:

  • Employment status
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of banking history

In some cases, the application process also includes submitting a recent pay stub, utility bill, or an authorization of deposit from your bank.

Step 2: Get approved for a instant wire payday loan

Instant wire payday loan approvals are much, much quicker than banks and credit unions. You’ll know if you’re approved within minutes of submitting your application—so you can say goodbye to all of that stress and anxiety that comes with waiting.

Once you get an email confirmation of your approval, you’ll be able to read through your repayment details and sign your loan agreement. Instant wire payday loans are typically awarded in amounts between $100–$1,500 (but this may vary, depending on the payday lender that you choose).

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Step 3: Instant bank transfer

Once your loan agreement is signed and sent back, your funds will be sent to your bank via a secure EMT deposit. Instant wire payday loans are available much quicker than loans from a bank or credit union. In fact, they could be deposited in as little as 30 minutes! Of course, some of this depends on how quickly your bank can process the transfer—and if you are a first-time borrower, you may need to wait a little longer than a returning borrower.

Step 4: Make payments

Instant wire payday loans are meant to supplement your income between paycheques. Typically, payment will be due on your next paycheque cycle (typically within 30 days). Some lenders will provide more flexible loan terms, which allow for 60 days before your loan must be paid. Make sure you read your loan agreement terms carefully so that you know when your payment is due, and reach out to customer service as soon as possible if you need an adjustment.

The good news is that most payday lenders make it easy to pay off your instant wire payday loans—especially if you’re worried that you’ll forget to make a payment. Rather than logging onto an account and processing individual payments, you can use automatic withdrawals to ensure that your loan is paid off in full and on time—all with minimal effort on your part.

Getting Instant Wire Payday Loans with My Canada Payday

My Canada Payday believes that instant wire payday loans should be available and accessible to everyone. You don’t have to have a 750 credit score or thousands of dollars in the bank—the requirements for getting a loan are simple! The only qualifications that you’ll need are:

  • Be a Canadian resident
  • Have a job that is local to you
  • Be able to show proof of steady income
  • At least 180 days of banking history
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Access to a steady internet connection in order to apply and accept your loan terms

If you can’t afford to wait for a bank to review your paperwork, credit score, borrowing history and income, instant wire payday loans are a great choice. Instant wire payday loans from My Canada Payday provide quick approval (within minutes!) and speedy delivery (from an hour to one business day!). As an added bonus, these loans also have an easy application process, allowing you to apply online at any time, from anywhere.

My Canada Payday is here to help with all of your instant wire payday loans, and is backed by a 100 percent Canadian, expert customer service team. Stop waiting on banks and credit unions, and reach out by phone (604-630-4783) or email ( to get the funds you need, today!