What to Do with Your Tax Refund

There are plenty of great ways to take your tax refund and turn that money into smart financial moves. After all, your return isn’t coming out of thin air: it’s a percentage of your hard-earned income over the past year. Why not use this opportunity to make your money work for you this year?

If you’re stuck on how to use your tax refund for the greater financial good, don’t panic—we’ve already done the hard work for you. Below, we’ve compiled seven of the best ways to turn your refund into better financial management in 2020 and beyond.

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How to Prepare for Tax Season in 2021

If you’re starting to feel the pressure from tax season, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. In the sections below, we’ll cover the best tips on how to prepare for tax season 2021 to help you make it through these next couple of months (without tearing your hair out in the process).

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What is an Emergency Fund and How to Build One

If you don’t have an emergency fund set up yet, you’re not alone. Only a quarter of Canadians have emergency funds set aside. And in those aged 18–34, as many as 35 percent have zero savings, let alone an emergency fund (yikes).

In the sections below, we’ll go over what an emergency fund is and show you some real, actionable changes you can make in your personal finances to free up extra cash for your own emergency fund. Don’t let life’s unpredictability win—we’ll help you stack your deck against any unforeseen expense that comes your way!

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