The Best Halloween Party On A Budget

Posted on Sunday 18 October 2015

You want to shop within your means, but don't think you can't have a creepy great time for Halloween just because you have to budget!  There is no reason to go overboard or break the bank at all.  From pumpkin carving parties to costume themed get togethers and on to taking the kids trick or treating: a budget isn't going to spoil the fun, but it will help you save money and feel great doing so.  So, pull out those pumpkins and get into the season; this is the time to start planning and you can never do so too early!


Discover The Joy Of A Budget Friendly Halloween

Researched statistics show that across British Columbia , average families spend approximately $300 on this one day a year holiday--but this no way means you have to do the same thing, especially if your goal is to keep it on a budget. We want you to remember, the joy of the holiday isn't in spending, but comes with creativity.  Let the day be about sharing laughter with one another, spinning spooky stories over a bonfire and hot cup of cider rather than focusing on how many decorations you can buy or the most expensive candy for trick or treaters.  Take advantage of what you already have and you'll see everyone will still enjoy the holiday, while you manage to maintain a reasonable budget ! The following tips will help you meet your budget goals without any stress.

Budget Friendly Tips To Ensure A Happy And Enjoyable Halloween For All


Remember, whether you're hosting this year's Halloween party or you're just decorating your home to match the seasonal atmosphere--these tips will guarantee you don't blow your budget ! So, don't let your finances frighten you and don't be afraid to sweep the cobwebs off of your budget. Follow these best tricks to have a frightfully fun Halloween with friends and family this year! When you know how to manage your money better you'll find you'll be able to have more time to enjoy the holiday and treat yourself as well!

  • Purchase second hand costumes instead of paying full price brand new
  • Purchase your pumpkins for carving a few days early as you can catch them on sale
  • Host a potluck Halloween party and encourage your guests to be creative and bring Halloween themed dishes--this will cut down on food costs tremendously
  • Make our own Halloween decorations and visit the discount store as well--you can find just about everything you need at a far less price but still maintain value
  • Don't use a credit card to pay for your Halloween party as it will only cost you more money through interest charges and potential other fees