The Best Halloween Party On A Budget

Posted on Sunday 18 October 2015


This halloween, don’t let finances frighten you—save that for the scary costumes and decorations!

There's no reason to break the bank to have fun. Some of the best things about halloween require very little spending. Whether you're hosting this year's Halloween party or you're just decorating your home, staying on budget is something you won’t regret.

Remember that the holiday is more about the people involved than the things you buy. A budget isn't going to spoil the fun of a pumpkin-carving party, a costumed get-together, or taking the kids trick-or-treating. In fact, since saving money feels great and reduces stress, a budget will help you enjoy the holiday more. So dust the cobwebs off your ledger—It’s time to start planning!

Discover The Joy Of A Budget-Friendly Halloween

Researched statistics show that across British Columbia, average families spend approximately $300 each on this holiday. This doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing, especially if you prioritize fun on a budget. Creativity is free, and the joy of holidays isn't in the spending. Center the day around laughing together and spinning spooky stories over a bonfire, rather than focusing on how many decorations you need to buy, or how many family-sized bags of candy you need to prepare for trick or treaters.

Take advantage of what you already have on hand, stick to a reasonable budget, and you'll see that everyone will still enjoy the holiday!

The following tips will help you meet your budget goals and scare stress away.

Budget Friendly Tips To Ensure A Happy And Enjoyable Halloween For All

Managing your money better have you spending less time stressed and more time enjoying the holiday. Treat yourself and your friends and family without getting tricked by spending traps. Follow these five tips to have a frightfully fun and fiscally smart Halloween with friends and family this year.

  1. Some people sell costumes after wearing them for just one Halloween. Purchase secondhand costumes instead of paying full price brand new. Check out online marketplaces such as eBay or Facebook groups for barely-worn costumes at half the price.
  2. Pumpkins appear outside grocery stores long before the holiday. Buy them a few days early rather than waiting for the last minute in order to avoid the day-of pumpkin panic. You might even find them on sale a few weeks before Halloween.
  3. Host a potluck Halloween party and encourage your guests bring creative Halloween-themed dishes. Most people will understand and want to pitch in some effort to help the host feel less stressed.
  4. Make our own Halloween decorations and visit the discount store such as Salvation Army or the Dollar Store. You can find just about everything you need at a much lower price, but still maintain value. Large box stores and smaller discount stores often get their supplies from the same places anyway. Remember that your guests won’t be scrutinizing your decorations’ quality. Your party can make a big impression with a small price tag.
  5. Don't use a credit card to pay for your Halloween party, as the interest charges and other potential fees will add up, costing you more money in the long run. Pay for everything in cash, and make a note of all your expenses to stay within budget.

Remember that the most important part of a Halloween party is the fun you have and the memories you make. Keep the atmosphere lively, and you won’t need expensive decorations, dishes, and costumes to impress your guests!