The Top 10 Habits Of The Self-Made Wealthy

Posted on Thursday 10 December 2015


Have you ever wondered how the rich and powerful ascend to the positions they are in?  If you're like most Canadians out here, you might believe many were simply handed that golden ticket and have never had to work for anything they have, but that isn't the case for all the rich and prolific people in Canada, not to mention, elsewhere in the world.  

Some of these Canadians are indeed, self-made millionaires through hard-work and determination .  They view money different from money others, which is why they've been able to reach such a level of success.  Let's share some of these tips and strategies so that perhaps, you—yourself can reach beyond that precipice so many already have!  Let's be clear though—this is no easy task! They are not just running after instant payday loans in Canada or taking benefits for the unemployed. They do it different.

10 Habits That Will Help You Establish A Brighter Financial Future


So, again, many self-made millionaires have earned their position and have worked extremely hard to reach these goals. Many of these individuals understand the exclusive money habits to improve their financial portfolio. It isn't impossible for anyone to transform their life by transforming their mindset concerning money and how to spend it. Investing versus spending is the major reason some succeed while others remain hand to mouth, month to month.

Most self-made millionaires don't view money as something to spend, but rather, a means to an end.  This kind of mentality is what we all need to get out of strangling debt!  Even if you're just getting started with life and have student loans to pay, you need to develop smart habits in relation to money. Let the following ideas guide and help you today!

Strategy 1:  Changing Daily Habits: Those with wealth have very different daily habits from those families who might be below the poverty line.  Simply changing these and making smarter decisions about money can almost guarantee a transformation of the inequality that exists across classes in society.

Strategy 2:  Wake up a few hours ahead of the work day: Research is showing that a whopping 44% of well-off Canadians and Americans rise up to 3 hours ahead of their work schedule, while only 3% of those below the poverty line do the same.  Consider changing this habit for improved productivity and getting more done.  You can't get wealthy sleeping!

Strategy 3:  The wealthy simply eat healthier: Now, some might say above average income families can afford to eat healthier while those who are below poverty can not.  The fact is, those getting assistance have been shown to continuously make unhealthy nutritional choices--STOP!  Improve your cognition by eating healthier and watch your mental alertness grow.  It's all about how you fuel your body.

Strategy 4:  Work longer hours: Those with more wealth work longer hours, sometimes 60 or more a week, even though they are salaried.  Anyone can put in this same kind of effort, and it pays off for the long-term as well.  You have to be willing to work harder than just average to improve your financial portfolio..

Strategy 5:  Think more positively: No matter your situation, more positive thinking can transform your mind and life.  If you believe you can do it, and you can see yourself doing it, you can achieve just about anything.  Don't forget the hard work you have to put in though!

Strategy 6:  You should write down your goals: Those who are well ahead of the financial game are known to write down their goals and stick with them.  This is certainly a habit that can make a huge difference for the future.

Strategy 7:  You should manage and maintain a to-do list to stay on track: This is again, all about organization—the better organized and detailed you are with tasks, the more willing you're going to be to get them done, and get them done right.  A to-do list can alleviate stress when you can visually see chores and other errands needing carried out.  If anything, this teaches accountability! You might want to learn minimalism and how sustainable living can save you money.

Strategy 8:  Exercise at least 4 times a week: Exercises makes you feel better and improves upon your physical appearance.  When you look and feel good you almost feel like you can accomplish anything and everything.  Those well-off exercise more often than those below poverty, so this needs to change!

Strategy 9:  Watch less television: Spend more time planning goals and achieving these as opposed to sitting for hours in front of a television. One never knows what might happen when they really focus on aspects that have the potential of improving their life and chances of becoming financially sound.

Strategy 10:  Engage in positive self-improvement courses: Whether this be yoga, walking, or some other form of therapeutic therapy, engage in it regularly!  When you can change your mindset, you can change your life.  Don't you think you deserve to be happy and live a more positive life?