You Can Celebrate Canada Day On A Family Friendly Budget

Posted on Thursday 26 May 2016


It might seem impossible, but let's be serious, a family friendly budget for Canada Day is possible to achieve.  Canada Day isn't so much about spending like millionaires, as it is about celebrating history.  Canadian families can easily have a backyard cookout and reminisce on history and culture without being wasteful.  If you plan on going out on Canada Day, then plan ahead.  Yes, you read it right.  "Planning," yet again. Isn't it in everything we consistently talk about here? Without planning properly you'll never really have a chance to relax and enjoy life. After all, who wants to celebrate anything on a payday loan right? Even if it's from

Anyways, If you don't know much about Canada Day, we recommend Desmond Morton's: "A Short History Of Canada," as it is much like Memorial Day within the United States.  So, let's stop and just be creative for a moment.  What can, or do you and your family members look forward to on this historic day?  What kind of budget are you looking at?  What prepping or planning has been done? Let us help you figure this out!  Read on for some great ideas, tips, and budget friendly activities you can participate in for a memorial day!  We will be keeping this to a $50 budget for a family of 4.

Fun Activities Perfect For Those On A Budget


If you live anywhere near Spruce Grove, Canada, you can have a great time without feeling you've spent a fortune at all!  The concert at the Spruce Grove Jubilee is totally free, and many of the other days activities are either budget friendly or free.  What more could a family of four want?  Of course, if you don't live near Spruce Grove you'll want to map out the time it will take you to get here and other expenses.  

Let's look at some other activities you can get involved in besides that traditional family cookout! If you live in Victoria, Canada-then there are also many celebrations that you and yours can attend, again, many of these are cost free!  The city of Victoria's fireworks will set off at 10:20, and you don't have to pay anything to get to visit and enjoy this grand finale!  

Also, you can capture free red and white tee shirts early in the day as you walk around and enjoy other live entertainment.  There might be a minimal parking fee and costs for food, but remember, everything is very budget friendly! Those in St. Albert will be celebrating this 149th birthday in Canada with tons of fun activities as well.  

The main activities are going to be at Rotary park--so make sure you plan on coming early to find decent parking.  There is no doubt, on July 1, visitors and residents of all ages will enjoy all types of entertainment and outdoor activities at reasonable costs. Good food, good times and family bonding certainly is the goal all across Canada on July 1! If you're interested in volunteering at any of these scheduled venues, city officials would be highly appreciative! Many businesses are also offering one day employment for really good pay too--so you can decide what you'd like to do.  Overall, make sure you stay local so you don't have to spend too much on gas.

Don't forget that there will be partnering groups all across Canada hosting entertainment, fireworks and day activities too!  Some of these are listed below, and if in doubt you can check with your local commerce centre to find out more information on just where and what activities will be taking place where you live, or nearby. And the best news....many activities won't come near $50.00 so get out and have a great, historic celebration for 2016!
Parliament Hill Fireworks and Entertainment Calgary Canada Day Celebration and Fireworks Fort Edmonton Park and City Hall Celebration Montreal Flag Raising and Gun Salute with multiple other entertainment Fireworks at Fort McMurray And so much more!!