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Payday loans in Île-des-Chênes

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Since first being settled in 1860, the town of Île-des-Chênes has developed into a bustling community with a love for hockey. The people of  Île-des-Chênes pride themselves on achieving their goals without hesitation.

It’s not always easy to reach your goals alone, though. This is something My Canada Payday understands very well, Maybe you have a big idea and want to get started right away but your finances are holding you back. Perhaps you have a big interview out of town but you have a flat tire.

Whatever your situation, there is no reason you can’t get a payday loan in Île-des-Chênes. Our friendly team is just a phone call away or if you’d can apply online with the touch of a button!

What’s the catch?

There is none.  Île-des-Chênes is determined, progressive and always thinking ahead and this fits comfortably with My Canada Payday’s mission.

We began lending ten years ago and it was our dream to make borrowing small amounts more accessible than ever.  With the advent of technology, we have been able to make that dream a reality. It’s now possible to organize small loans of up to $1,500 with ease.

If you want to know more, we have all the important info below.

Short term, manageable loans for all

Île-des-Chênes is known for winning. It is home to the talented hockey team the ‘North Stars.’ But to win, you need a great team around you

Don’t get worked up when cash is tight. We have your back by working with you to reach those goals.

Talk to us and you will learn that we are responsible when it comes to your finances. We only lend to those we know can pay it back and we will discuss repayment and make everything clear from the offset, so you can feel comfortable with borrowing.


My Canada Payday has been lending since November 1st, 2009 we have been licensed by Consumer Protection BC and we do everything in our power to protect you. As a Canadian business through and through, you know we care about our customers. If you want to borrow from us then give our famously friendly local team a call. Your information will never leave our hands.


Île-des-Chênes is a sporty town. We understand you like to be out and about. You don’t have time to be sat in front of your computer all day doing boring, long-winded applications so we developed a responsive web application that you can fill-out wherever you might be. You can use the app with any smartphone meaning you can have your loan of up to $1,500 in as little as 15 minutes.

Have ALL the interest taken off your payday loan with the North Stars!

A gift for our customers in Île-des-Chênes.

It’s hockey season once again and we are proud supporters of the Île-des-Chênes North Stars! If you are lucky enough to see them play live then send a photo our way. The first person to send one will have all the interest on their loan slashed in return!


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