A Torontoist Strategy For Celebrating New Year's On A Budget

Posted on Wednesday 30 December 2015


A new year is an exciting fresh start and chance to flip the page. While it should be celebrated in style, it is also a great time to start the new year with strong financial goals.

Creating and sticking to a budget for your New Year’s celebrations will give you the confidence to stick to it and keep the habit up all year. However, there’s no need to feel restricted.

Here are some ways to ring in the New Year in Toronto, that won’t break the bank or require you to get a loan.

Skate Into The New Year…

If you get down to the Harbourfront Lakeside Skate Rink, you can spend your evening gliding around on the ice and laughing with friends. By the way, it's totally free. Just bring your skates and they’ll have the music and lights to really get you in the festive spirit. Great for kids and families as well.

Or Run

If the first thing you do at the stroke of midnight is run a 5km mini marathon, well then you're in luck. Located in the Liberty Village neighbourhood, this is where this annual marathon takes place. It's not only a healthy way to start the new year, but also a great way to get social and mingle. Way better than going to a a nightclub. At least for some people.

Cruise On The Water

The Toronto skyline at night is a beautiful sight to start your year with. So what is the best way to enjoy it on New Years? From the water of course. The Gala Dinner Cruise on the Toronto Harbour is the perfect setting for dancing and a glass of champagne. It is actually one of the most popular ways to ring in the new year in Toronto. In fact, it has been for several years now. Don't forget your champagne eh?

Make A Dinner Reservation

When trying to stick to a budget, one of the first things we do is cut out expensive meals at restaurants.

However, don't be so cheap on New years (Unless you are in a weird situation, etc - then no pressure).

Special occasions demand that you spend money and New Years is definitely one of them. After all, it's the perfect time to celebrate what you've achieved and finally celebrate it all.

The great thing about New Year’s is that many restaurants offer set-price deals that they don’t usually have. So you can know your costs upfront and even pre-pay. This can help manage the anxiety that comes with the dinner bill. Nobody want's to pay too much.

Speaking of good places to eat on New Years, the Black and White Masquerade is a real experience and only $75 per person. While Swinging At Mill Street Beer Hall is a more casual choice with good beer and great food. So at the end of the day, it really depends on what you are looking for.

Do some research and check if your favourite spots are running new year celebration deals.

Who knows, you just might get lucky and get an incredible deal. One thing you can be sure of that it won’t blow your budget. A little bit of planning, and some patience can lead to an incredible time in Toronto.

You can count on that.