A Torontoist Strategy For Celebrating New Year's On A Budget

Posted on Wednesday 30 December 2015


Yes, we are talking about a budget again, but that is what helps you remain ahead of your finances!  If you're concerned about celebrating New Year's on a budget , don't be.  Here, we are going to share with you the most ideal ways to enjoy this fabulous holiday in Toronto without worrying about feeling restricted!  At the same time, you'll come out with money in your account--which is exactly what you should want.  You can easily ring in 2016 happier than you've ever been before!  Are you ready to get started integrating the right plan now?  You can actually get in on some fun activities that won't cost you a dime, while those that do cost can be acquired cheaper than you might have thought, or planned!

Ring In The New Year In Style And On A Budget!


So, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you need to turn your attention to what a Torontoist just might do on such a grand holiday while outdoors!  If you live anywhere near Harbourfront Lakeside Skating Rink you might want to consider the New Year's Eve skating party that will be happening--totally free!  They'll be excellent music and the only thing required of you is to bring, or rent the skates!  It's a true family affair.  If you're single, and looking to mingle, then we can point you in the right direction here too! When you want to make new friendships and really get into the spirit of bringing in the New Year, the 5K Midnight Run is not one to be missed.  You'll literally be with hundreds of others out there in the spirit of the evening!  Afterwards you can enjoy an after run party with good food, new friends and lots of laughter!  It takes place every year and is certainly worth the small entry fee that is included!  Remember, all food and drink is included after too.  Now, if you're more to the restaurant scene and want to have an enjoyable meal at an affordable price, you might find the below listed restaurants are right up your alley!

Bring in New Year's With Fine Dining At An Affordable Value


If you want to have an amazing dinner out, while you're celebrating New Year's, but want to remain within a nice budget, there are some fabulous restaurants you can make reservations at for the evening.  If you want to go all out for New Years, you should check out The Black And White Masquerade that is quite stunning.  If $75 per person is a budget you can deal with, it's an experience you shouldn't miss!  Now, if you're more into the swing of the evening and love a variety of beers, you might want to try out Swinging At Mill Street Beer Hall where good beer and great food is the event of the evening!  And finally, when you are wanting to stick to something simple and a lot cheaper, but not lacking in quality you should visit The Portland Variety where reservations are building up fast!