Why Canadians are Choosing Staycations

Posted on Wednesday 02 February 2022

Why Canadians are Choosing Staycations

Everyone has felt the sting of canceled travel plans throughout the pandemic, from virtual get-togethers with friends and families to postponed vacations. Trust us, we get it. It’s frustrating, stressful, and a downright bummer to not be able to fulfill those travel and vacation plans that keep getting pushed to the side.

As vaccination rates increase throughout Canada, it’s tempting to reschedule flights and rebook hotel stays – but increasing rates of the omicron variant is bringing many of the same travel restrictions that we saw when COVID-19 first appeared in 2020.

And even if travel options are available to you, there’s still another problem: increased costs. Inflation is at an 18-year high in Canada, and that doesn’t just apply to groceries and gasoline.

As major Canadian airlines are struggling to keep flights staffed during the pandemic, Canadians itching to travel again are noticing fewer flights and higher prices.

If picking up your travel plans where you left off is putting too much strain on your budget, never fear: there’s another great option to consider, and it’s right in front of you! Rather than drain your bank account, why not choose a staycation instead? Tons of Canadians are choosing the “staycation” route instead to save money (While still getting all of the benefits of a traditional vacation).

Before you rebook your flights, take a moment to consider the benefits of a staycation – you might just surprise yourself on how fun it can be!

What is a staycation?

Taking a staycation is a bit different than a traditional vacation. Instead of getting on a flight or hopping in your car to travel to a different country, province, or territory, a staycation means that you stay right where you are.

The goal is to experience your own city or town just as a tourist might do, saving money on travel costs, discovering new activities, and seeing your local area through a brand-new lens.

You can still use a staycation to rest, relax, and recharge – and all without breaking the bank (or risking another round of canceled flights and hotel stays). Some people even get e transfer payday loans to take a quick break somewhere. As these staycations are a lot cheaper compared to a full on vacation.

Best reasons to opt for a staycation instead

From avoiding time differences to indulging in the travel “extras” that you might not normally take advantage of, there are tons of benefits to choosing a staycation instead of a traditional vacation. Not convinced yet? We’ve listed a few of our favorites below!

No pandemic travel headaches

Travel logistics are tough at any time, but especially during the pandemic. Many airlines and destinations require stringent proof of vaccination, COVID testing and quarantine, both before and after travel. Opting for a staycation means that you likely won’t need to deal with these pandemic extras (with a few exceptions of course, depending on your territory or province).

And forget having to wake up early or stay up late in order to make a flight – a staycation eliminates travel time and all of the related logistics, like checking into flights, pushing through crowded airports, or having to deal with delayed flights.

More vacation budget to spend

Think about how much of your vacation budget goes toward airline tickets, baggage fees, or transportation to and from the airport. With a staycation, you get all of that money back to put into your budget. No need to worry about going overboard on your credit cards.

Maybe that means you can splurge on a nicer hotel stay, a day at the spa, or a couple of fancy dinners. If you are short on cash, you can try applying for small unsecured personal loans, which you can usually pay back right away.

So even if you get a loan for one of these staycations, you can still pay them back as these loans are pretty small. Now that's pretty cool.

Play tourist for the day

How often do you get to experience your city or town the same way that a visitor might? Probably not often – if ever. It’s so easy to forget that there are exciting and fun things to do right at your back door, whether it’s exploring local markets, trying a new restaurant, or taking a historical tour.

Make this an opportunity to explore your city just like a tourist would! Check out local activity calendars to look for local theatre productions, try out the best-rated restaurants, visit a local art show, or take a tour (bonus points if it’s a brewery, winery, or ghost tour). Even if it feels like a “tourist trap,” give it a chance – you might find yourself with a whole new appreciation for your local area.

Include family members and friends

Saving money, travel time, and avoiding all of the vacation logistics also means that you get a little more space to broaden your staycation group. Invite a few friends and family members to join you on your staycation! Campgrounds and KOAs make it easy to include others in on your staycation plans – and that includes four-legged family members, too.

As long as having more people along for the ride doesn’t cut into your relaxation, a staycation can be a great way to recharge with the ones you love being around the most.

Perhaps the best part of a staycation is that there are no rules on how you create the perfect getaway. Whether you choose to create a luxurious getaway in a nearby city, explore the ins and outs of your local tourist traps, or simply shut off all electronics and get outdoors, a staycation is a great way to stay budget-conscious and still give time for self-care.

With so many great benefits, it’s not surprising that so many Canadians are putting their passports aside and choosing to recharge close to home. What are you waiting for? Time to start planning your staycation – because after the past few years, there’s no doubt that you deserve a break!