Do You Want Outrageous Money Saving Halloween Treats?

Posted on Wednesday 28 October 2015


The countdown has begun and in just a little over a week little goblins, ghouls, fairies and the rest of the bunch will be knocking at your door, ecstatic for some trick or treats!  Are you ready for the big day and evening?  We can help you keep your Halloween spending under control with these outrageous money saving tips you just might not have thought of with all the pending excitement! To make this the most gloriously ghoulish Halloween yet, don't over think it and definitely sweep the excess spending out the door!  If you really want to treat yourself, why not treat your wallet to the sweetness of extra green lying within the folds?  Once you discover the tips and tricks of the shopping season, you'll always go back to them--we guarantee it!

Frightening Ways Canadians Are Spending Money On Halloween

Let's consider the treats!  So many Canadians across British Columbia splurge on shopping for candy for the little tykes, but you don't always have to break the bank to get the best goodies for the little spooks this year!  You don't have to have the brightest house on the block to lure in those little munchkins either (if Halloween is just your thing)!  Now, just because you might reside in Alberta or Ontario, this doesn't mean you have to fall into the over indulgent category and spend outrageously. Those Canadians within the 18 to 34 years of age category normally shell out $75 to $150 for decorations and candy every year! Within Quebec alone, the capital city for Halloween, Canadians spend more on costumes than anywhere in British Columbia--and they are apt to spend (on average) about $300 per family of 4 as well! This collects into a total tally of about $381 million across the region!  Can you believe this is the second largest holiday in regards to spending--next to Christmas?  So, get ready to take note of these pocket friendly tips this season and remember, you'll never lose out on any fun either!


Don't Be A Tightwad But Don't Over Spend For Halloween

Start shopping for Halloween before October 1st

This is the first trick!  Holiday ornaments and extras are being put out in retail stores earlier and earlier every year, allowing for discounted shopping to get rid of them!  Try getting started a little earlier and you might be very surprised on how much cheaper this is.

Swap out costumers with friends and even family members

Maybe little Joey fell in love with his best friends costume last year and you can swap costumes?  Even adults can try this to save a little dough here and there, and there's nothing stingy about it at all.  The little ones won't care, and adults are great negotiators!

Purchase Halloween candy at the last minute if you can

Candy is perishable, so when there is an abundance left over, retailers are marking down!  Everyone is catching on to this though so make sure you don't wait until 5 pm on Halloween to get to your local retail outlet.  You can sometimes save 35% on the best candies out there!

Shop for new Halloween decorations after October 31st

That's right, you can get 50% off items and more when it's after Halloween--specifically for all those really cool and creative Halloween yard items and lights!  Start planning for this yearly to build up your decorations year after year!  It is worth it.

Buy in bulk at wholesale locations

Go to Costco, Sams Club or other bulk warehouses and save huge!  These places have Halloween items galore, much cheaper than normal retail stores.  The only difference is you don't get bags at checkout and you check out yourself, but so what?  The savings is well worth the effort!

Let these tips be your guide to having a light hearted and festive Halloween this year! Saving doesn't have to be boring at all--but it is more than satisfying. Have A Safe And Happy Halloween 2015!