Frugal Tips For Your Remaining Halloween Candy

Posted on Monday 02 November 2015


If you're looking towards saving and budgeting, you'll consider maximizing your leftover Halloween candy and then create some amazing baked desserts to kick off the holiday season. Yes, Halloween is officially over, but that doesn't mean you should dispose of all that rich, chocolatey decadence remaining in your home.  

The fact is candy and chocolate are fantastic ingredients for fall baking—and for those who delight in the ideas!  Not only can you gain convenience by having ready ingredients for secondary goodies at hand, but you can save a ton of money as well.  The ideas presented here will definitely introduce you to the advantages of frugality!

So, are you ready for some amazing frugal tips and creative ideas that will inspire you and spur you into far more innovative ways to save money?  Let's get started and see just where we end up here. Don't worry, you don't need a good credit score for something of this nature. Follow through!

Frugal Tips To Set Off The Holiday Baking Season Following Halloween

Candy and treats can be used for a variety of things, from helping to teach addition and subtraction, to creating amazing homemade brownies, gingerbread houses for Christmas, cookies, and even pies, or cakes!  Did you know you can make your own healthy trail mix from Halloween candy like M&M's and raisinets?  Simply mix these sweet goodies in with some whole-grain cereal, granola, pretzels and peanuts and you'll be good to go!  But, just wait--that's not all!


Nutrition experts say that candies from Halloween and other holidays can last up to a year, and sometimes longer.  Just think of those cute little Christmas houses and consider how you can create the scenes you desire, using ingredients you have available. This is a way of maximizing the available items as opposed to taking personal loans to purchase items to decorate your home.

It's a cute idea, and totally doable! You can even freeze leftover Halloween candy for upcoming holidays—just to preserve it. If you have some candies like red, white, and green M&M's, think Christmas brownies or cookies!  You can save more than $5.00 with this idea, and the savings can continue to mount, partially helping with your baking budget!

Don't Forget Those Birthday Parties Too!

Candy is preservable if you freeze it!  Think about how you could use this for a birthday party. If you plan on having a themed party, with a piñata, a lot of that Halloween candy could be used for stuffing it, and definitely save you an arm and a leg on candy costs!  You could do goodie bags too, and place these at table settings for guests.

You could even decorate birthday cupcakes with some of the candy saved from Old Hallows Eve!  To be absolutely honest here, the only limit to what you can do with excess candy is you!  The main aim is to enjoy how it saves you from spending on more, and again, gives you extra convenience when you might need it the most!