There Are Alternatives to a Costly Personal Loan for Canadians

Posted on Friday 20 January 2017

Canadians don't always have to turn to a costly personal loan to overcome financial hardship. Whether it's caused by just student loans or something bigger, there are lots of options available for you.  These more affordable choices will protect credit and actually assist with building a better credit history. Before ever applying for any type of loan, the borrower should weigh the reasons as to why they need it.

Depending upon the reason, or the need--there might be far better alternatives with lower interest rates available. Perhaps you need only a short-term loan that you'll be ready to pay back in only 30 days? If that is the case you can often avoid those costly interest rates! Also, if you have been turned down for a traditional bank or credit union loan, don't worry and stress.

There are millions of people who face this same dilemma. Credit requirements with traditional banking institutions can be far stricter, but this doesn't mean to turn to a bad credit personal loan either. When you want to solve your debt problems, or you're in need of emergency assistance you need to speak to a professional to get your finances on the right track. Canadians shouldn't live in the shadow of a few late payments when they work hard and deserve better. Let's take the time to consider what an individual can do right now to avoid high cost personal loans and get life back on a positive track.

Go with a Financial Strategy that Works


Many online payday loans companies Canada wide and short-term loans make it look easy, but it isn't always. One alternative to these is taking a loan out that helps you boost credit as long as you make your monthly payment on time! Also, what about those that offer money back on the loan because of good faith payments?

These types of cash loans are available to consumers as well. It's important for anyone taking out a loan or other financial support to use it as a financial tool that will help them to overcome an unanticipated expense. Any financial assistance should never be seen as free money. What financial strategy really works right for you as an individual or family? For many, finding a way to cover financial gaps is the main goal and they see no other way. Maybe they aren't weighing their priorities? That is what we are striving to help with here.

If you do move forward with taking out a personal loan , there are some common traps you want to avoid! We recommend doing your research before you go with a personal loan like this. If you're smart and take your time a personal loan with a low interest rate and no origination fee can be helpful for the short-term; but you do need to be smart! Make certain you can pay off a loan such as this in a reasonable amount of time, otherwise higher interest rates can really beat up the finances.

  • Don't choose a personal loan that pre-computes interest because this creates a larger interest rate on a payment than what is actually necessary.
  • You can't avoid the origination fee that comes with a personal loan, but you can save money by looking into the APR versus the interest rate.
  • Good lenders don't charge a pre-payment penalty. Ask your lender about this before applying.