Learn 5 Reliable Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Posted on Sunday 08 November 2015

Keeping your credit report tidy and organized is critical to your financial portfolio.  You don't want to sweep financial errors under the rug as you would a dust bunny.  Instead, do your very best to pay off debt before it escalates and tarnishes your financial future.


Have you been searching for reliable ways to improve your credit score? Today, your credit score is everything.  This impacts your ability to purchase a car, buy a house, get a credit card, apply for a loan and so very much more.  If you've made mistakes in the past and this has adversely affected your credit score, you're not alone.  

There are many Canadians across British Columbia who are struggling to rebuild their credit and diligently seeking reliable ways to improve their credit score. You CAN improve your credit score with the right strategy.  One of the first ways Canadians can begin making a dent in debt and improving their FICO score is by minimizing their risks for being late paying ordinary bills.  That's correct.  

Late payments on bills can stack up against you badly, leaving you digging your way out of the hole.  So, establishing priorities and paying your bills on time will begin moving you in the right direction. Canadians also need to acquire a recent credit report to view payment history and to discover what accounts might be negatively impacting their score.  It's important to maintain and manage your credit once you begin to understand how it all works as well.  

For instance, reviewing your credit report at least once a year, just to ensure the most accurate information is listed is absolutely necessary--specifically when you're trying to repair poor credit history! Now, it's time for you to find the five primary ways you can enable yourself to start bringing that credit score up and improve your financial portfolio once and for all!

Don't continue to trip over your shoe-laces and ignore the importance of a clean financial history and don't continue to live above your means! There are times you must learn to walk before you can run! Plus remember, we are here to help.


The Top 5 Reliable Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Never forget the importance of ensuring their are no mistakes on that credit report as these can be extremely damaging. 42 million Canadians across British Columbia have errors on their reports, with approximately 12 million of these same Canadians suffering adverse credit scoring due to errors.

You don't want to be a part of these statistics, so please follow the advisement given earlier--it will make a difference.  You can also polish your damaged credit by following the very latest tips listed below, but do give it time. Your credit didn't reach a state of disarray overnight so allow for patience and commit to improvement by making smart financial decisions daily.

  • Correct small discrepancies in your credit report before they become large
  • Pay attention to identity theft risks and ensure your identity is protected
  • Pay credit card bills on time to build positive credit
  • Make certain corrections on your credit report are followed through with all three bureaus
  • Limit credit inquiries on your report as most stay on for at least two years