What to Do If You're Having Problems Paying a Payday Loan Back

Posted on Saturday 08 April 2017

There are many people who take out a payday loan in good faith, with the full intention of paying it back as they should. However, there are just as many who have something happen that prevents them from meeting that obligation. Then there are a few who feel they've been treated rather unfairly due to high fees and other expenditures in regards to the loan. Now, the worst thing a consumer can do is try to ignore the loan. You took it out, so you owe it. If you're having real financial struggles, then you need to talk to the lender and seek out a resolution that will work between the two of you. There are other steps you can take as well, and we will discuss these for you below.

Steps to Take When You Can't Repay Your Payday Loan


While everyone's situation is different, the following advice can keep your situation from worsening. Remember, ignoring a debt isn't going to solve your problem, it will only worsen it and can actually lead to legal troubles as well. Allow these strategies to be your guide and don't be afraid to follow through on one or several of them. When should you consider shaving back on expenses? Of course, if you are struggling to pay on your payday loan then you need to cut back on what you're spending. You need to figure out if what you're spending your money on are necessities or just wants. You have to learn how to pinpoint priorities to keep yourself on track and avoid pitfalls. If you see a financial problem looming that is going to impact your ability to pay on a loan, then of course you need to immediately speak with someone about changing your repayment date, or doing a deferment. When should you think about cancelling your recurring payment? If you reach a stage where you can't afford to pay for groceries, or keep the lights on because you have a payday loan you're trying to take care of then it is time to consider cancelling the payment. You need to be able to get the essentials for daily life, like: If you took out a payday loan at your credit union then the process of cancelling it isn't as complex as it is if you go to a unknown payday loan lender. A financial institution offers more flexibility. You do need to call a few days ahead of the scheduled payment, and make sure you have a new date and time to offer to start the repayment back up again. Some lenders will continue to charge you interest though, so there are several areas to look into. Still, a reprieve like this can really help a lot. When should you consult with a free debt adviser or counselor? When you're struggling with bills and you're trying to develop a proper budget plan to live more wholesomely a free debt adviser can help. There are many who are more than willing to help guide you and put you on the right path. If you follow the advise given then you can begin to get control of your debt and gain relief from financial pressures. You'll learn how you can start a savings plan, though it might be small at first. You'll also learn how important it is to build an emergency fund. Your debt adviser will work with you every step of the way until you feel more secure and capable.

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Medication

The main things you should learn from a debt adviser involve developing a debt repayment strategy and a savings plan. You should be able to easily map out a plan after several meetings with a financial counselor. The bottom line is sticking to it so you can continue developing the proper financial habits.