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If you're totally out of dough, just what exactly should you do?

  • Personal cheques aren't accepted particularly frequently
  • You could get money from your RRSP and suffer a considerable penalty
  • Speak with the bank and request a bit of credit
  • You could receive some cash from a mastercard
  • Going to a payday advance place does not sound like fun
  • My Canada Payday is going to deal with your problems. You could get cash as long as you have a job. You'll never find a faster payday lender anywhere in the country.

So why is My Canada Payday your ideal choice?

  • We possess a lending license
  • Hassle-free, fast and competent service
  • High grade encryption guards your private information
  • Fast Interac E-Transfers
  • No faxing necessary
  • Loans handled promptly by trained staff
  • The loan sent by EFT

Obtaining a loan is so quick nowadays!

  • Money transferred directly into your account
  • The loan application will be dealt with fast
  • The loan payments are deducted out of your account.
  • Filling out the application form normally requires around 15 minutes

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