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Payday Loans in Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia

Gastown is a neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia where we offer loans, and is also one of the designated Business Improvement Areas. It formed the original downtown of the city of Vancouver, and was the name of the city itself for the 20 year period between 1867 and 1886. The city was renamed upon completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, but Gastown has remained as a neighbourhood for almost 150 years. Shortly after the re-naming, the Great Vancouver Fire swept through the area after a brush fire was started to clear land for construction. This destroyed all but a few structures in the new city, but it also offered a chance to rebuild and expand.

Gastown fell into disrepair over the years but was revitalized during the post-World War II period of growth in Vancouver. An effort was made to preserve its history and character as the former center of Vancouver, and that has largely been successful. It is now a National Historic Site. One particularly famous piece of Gastown heritage is not even particularly old. The Gastown Steam Clock was constructed in 1977. This steam-powered clock is a famous tourist attraction and was crafted in a Victorian-era style, and is a popular tourist attraction even though it does not in fact run on steam and is in fact run on electricity.

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This business is largely concerning making relationships with people so identifying you correctly is a primary problem for us. A screencap of the online banking statement is another vital aspect in our approval procedure. Although we're contemplating changing our procedures in the foreseeable future, at the moment we can not recognize retirement benefits.

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