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Payday Loans in Barrie, Ontario

What are the options when there isn't any cash in your pocket and you are not able to hold out until the coming payday?

  • You might head to a local cash advance store and line up
  • See if you can locate a company who can take an IOU
  • You could have a visa card which offers a loan in cash
  • Taking funds early from your RRSP can carry a major fee
  • Try to get a credit line at your regular bank
  • My Canada Payday will help you evade all these unpleasant options. You can be lent up to $1500 with one of our payday loans. You could get the money put into your bank account inside of a half hour.

What is it that makes My Canada Payday so exceptional?

  • Interac E-mail transfer is almost instantaneous
  • No fax approval
  • Payday loan applications approved promptly by our professional team
  • Your loan transferred using direct deposit
  • Properly certified by the provincial government
  • Safe application form
  • Our team is speedy and discreet

Getting a loan on line is astonishingly hassle-free!

  • We will deal with your loan application in minutes
  • Your money put right into your account
  • The loan payments are taken right out of your account.
  • You can prepare the application at your computer

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