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You can get payday loans for up to $1500 in as little as 15 minutes! My Canada Payday is in the business of getting you your fast cash advance now!

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How it Works

Payday Loans in London, Ontario

My Canada Payday is proud to provide the residents of London, Ontario, with the financial stress relief they need. Founded in 2008, we have been a part of the loan industry for over a decade, with locations spread all across Canada. With a customer support staff that is 100% Canadian—borrowing from us means that you are partnering with a local business that is committed to accessible, fast, high-quality service.

Why do customers choose our services for payday loans in London? With My Canada Payday, you can:

Get a Payday Loan in London, the Way You Want

Who wants to spend time stressing over not having the funds they need, or filling out a lengthy, complicated loan application? Not us! That’s why we make our lending process as easy and as straightforward as possible for each and every one of our borrowers.

In 15 minutes, you can fill out our online application and get an answer. Our customers love that they can complete all aspects of the loan application process right from home, without ever having to sit down with a representative.

Of course, if you would rather have a lending professional walk you through the process, we are happy to offer that service as well. Our support staff is always ready and available to answer any questions to ensure you get the loan you need, when you need it.

How to Get a Payday Loan in London, ON

Payday loans are the best way to get the funds you need quickly—all without having to wait in line at a bank or be left wondering for weeks if you’ll be approved. But how do you get a speedy payday loan in Ontario? We’re glad you asked. Getting a payday loan is simpler than you might think! Here’s how it works:

Go to

At My Canada Payday, we offer a completely online application process, making it easy for you to apply for a loan at any time (and from anywhere). You can apply for a loan from the salon while you get a pedicure, from your couch during commercial breaks, or even from the dinner table.

All it takes is 15 minutes to complete the application from start to finish, which means you never have to dedicate an entire afternoon to making an appointment at the bank, standing in line, and filling out paperwork.

Check your email

Once we review your application, we’ll send a notice via email to let you know whether you’ve been approved. We pride ourselves on a fast and reliable approval process—in fact, most borrowers get their email notification within 30 minutes or less!

Sign your loan terms

We’ll also send your loan terms over to you for review and approval via email. After you’ve agreed to your terms (your interest rate and payment dates), we’ll disperse your funds directly into your bank account through a secure Interac email transfer. If you’re a first-time borrower, you may not be able to access your loan for one to two business days. Recurring borrowers get access to their funds even sooner—sometimes within minutes of approval!

Make payments

You can make payments on your loan through the same secure, automatic transfer that we use to disperse your funds (which is especially good if you don’t want to go through the hassle of manually scheduling payments).

Payday loans in Canada are designed to be paid back when you receive your next paycheque. When you borrow with My Canada Payday, you can choose to pay back your loan on your next paycheque or two paycheques from now. We love staying flexible and setting our borrowers up for success, from start to finish!

Qualifications For A Payday Loan in London

Getting a loan from a bank or a credit union can be complicated. Most traditional financial institutions require a ton of paperwork, along with meeting strict requirements for credit score, income, and even your past history with borrowing money. If you’re a first-time borrower or if you’re just starting to build your credit, these requirements can make it extremely difficult (or even impossible) to qualify for a loan.

That’s where My Canada Payday comes in. We offer payday loans in London that are fast, convenient, and accessible. You’ll never have to spend hours filling out forms or stressing out about whether or not you meet our requirements—we keep it simple and straightforward throughout the entire process! Here are the qualifications for a payday loan in London through My Canada Payday:


In order to be considered for a payday loan through My Canada Payday, all applicants have to meet the minimum age requirement. For payday loans in London, you’ll need to be at least 19 years old.

Banking history

While we don’t have strict requirements on how much cash you should have in your bank account, we do require that you maintain a bank account for at least 180 days. (We’ll distribute your loan directly into your bank account, so this is an important piece of the process.) When you fill out your application, you’ll be asked to submit screenshots of your banking history through our secure application.

Residency and employment

First, a no-brainer: in order to get payday loans in London, you’ll need to be a London resident. Second, you’ll also need to have steady employment at a job that is local to you. Finally, you’ll also have to demonstrate that you are getting paid on a regular schedule, either through direct deposit or cheque. As long as you can verify these three things, you are in the clear!

For some applicants, we may request a bit of additional information, like a voided check, recent pay stub, or a utility bill as proof of address. But don’t worry—we won’t make you fax it. Any supplemental documentation can easily be submitted through our secure My Canada Payday platform!

Apply For A Payday Loan in London

With My Canada Payday, applying for a payday loan in London is quicker and easier than ever. If that doesn’t convince you, take a look at some of the reasons why we’re one of the best payday lenders across the country:

  • We’re 100 percent Canadian owned and operated
    As a Canadian-owned company, My Canada Payday is proud to be part of our local communities! From our loan processing experts to our customer service representatives, each and every My Canada Payday employee hails from the Great North.

  • We’re super convenient
    No one wants to spend hours filling out paperwork or standing in line at the bank (we certainly don’t). That’s why our application process is completely online and only takes 15–30 minutes from start to finish. You can apply for a payday loan in London without ever having to get up or get dressed—it’s that easy!

  • We take the stress out of borrowing
    Getting a loan can be stressful—especially if you have an urgent expense to cover or due dates coming up. When your bank account is low and your bills are piling up, the added stress of sitting and waiting for an approval notice can be almost unbearable. We take all of the stress out of borrowing with our convenient application, speedy approval process, and instant fund disbursement.

See What Customers Are Saying About My Canada Payday

We’ve created a simple, reliable and customer-friendly process, which makes us a great option for first-time borrowers and seasoned pros alike. Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about My Canada Payday:

  • I am a repeat customer. Their process is so streamlined, easy and fast. The funds were sent immediately after signing the contract. Excellent, extremely fast service!
  • This online service is very quick and efficient. [It’s] everything at your fingertips [sic]. If you ever need to reach out over the phone the customer service is pleasant. They are there to help with any questions and your needs.
  • You know what, these guys are so simple and easy to deal with, don’t charge an arm and a leg for interest and you usually have your money within a couple hours. Grateful for this company especially in trying times.
  • This company is amazing and easy to deal with. The entire process was done in no time. Join Hundreds of Satisfied Borrowers

Putting customer satisfaction first isn’t what you might expect from payday loan companies—but at My Canada Payday, it’s the foundation of what we do each and every day. After all, we wouldn’t be one of the best payday lenders in Canada if it weren’t for happy borrowers!

Put Convenience First When Getting Your Payday Loan in London

No one wants to drive to a storefront, stand in line, fill out paperwork, and wait weeks for an approval decision. Your time is valuable and at My Canada Payday, we won’t waste it—that’s why our lending process takes only 15 minutes from start to finish.

Your payday loan in London will be instantly transferred to your bank account, making it easy to get your funds exactly when it matters most.

Experience Industry-Leading Customer Service

The lending process can be stressful, particularly if you are short on cash and trying to catch up on bills. We strive to make borrowing as convenient and as painless as possible, and are proud to offer industry-leading customer service every step of the way.

Customers can reach out to us at any time by phone (604-630-4783) or by email ( with questions, comments, or concerns. We love knowing that borrowers can confidently and efficiently get the funds they need!


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