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If your wallet is wiped out, where can you go for help?

  • You could consider giving an IOU instead of money
  • You could receive an advance loan from one of your charge cards
  • You might look into asking your family or friends whether they could give a little money your way
  • You might speak to your employer about for an early paycheque
  • Some stores may possibly accept a cheque
  • Don't worry about all that, as you can make a credit application online instantly a cash loan from My Canada Payday. We will assist with your temporary financial dilemmas you might have. You will not deal with a quicker payday lender anywhere in Canada.

For what reason is My Canada Payday your perfect solution?

  • Your loan transferred by EFT
  • Fast Interac E-Transfers
  • Loans handled rapidly by expert staff
  • Completely approved by the provincial government
  • Safe and encrypted loan process
  • No questions, we won't want to know what the cash is for
  • No fax approval

Acquiring a loan is quite convenient now!

  • Your checking account gets the money directly.
  • Your application is going to be processed fast
  • Applying normally takes less than 15 minutes
  • When the next payday shows up, loan will be pulled out of your chequing account.

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