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Payday Loans in Grandview, Vancouver, British Columbia

Grandview is a neighborhood in northeastern Vancouver, British Columbia. This area was located along the Canadian Pacific Railway and served as a way-station for prospectors and gold miners. Expansion of inter-city train service in the 1890s sparked the development of Grandview as a residential and commercial area over the following decades.

Commercial Drive is the focus of the neighborhood. This roadway has developed over the past century as a culturally diverse shopping area. There are a variety of ethnic restaurants and businesses. Many historic buildings from the early 1900s remain on the Drive, an echo of the success of its early years. The area is a business improvement area, wherein businesses contribute additional funds to keep the area clean and make street improvements, beyond the normal municipal services.

Grandview is lower class neighborhood, with average incomes below the Vancouver norm. It is ethnically diverse, a product of its low cost housing and proximity to downtown Vancouver. Italian immigration in the 1930s produced a Little Italy portion of the neighborhood which lasted for nearly 50 years. Over time, other immigration and assimilation of the Italian population has reduced this influence in the area.

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