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Payday Loans in Killarney, Vancouver, British Columbia

Killarney is a neighborhood located in the southeastern corner of Vancouver, British Columbia. This is one of Vancouver's newest neighborhoods. Until the post-World War II period, this area was still covered by the original forests that dominated the region. Some farms had existed in Killarney as well as a small population along the riverfront prior to this time, but no major development had occurred. Then, due to growing population in Vancouver, there was pressure to build more homes in this sparsely populated area.

Killarney is principally a single family home neighborhood, with some multi-family homes and high-rises along the Fraser River. It is notable for its expansive green areas of open grass and trees, an echo of its history as the last Vancouver neighborhood to be settled. The most development occurred along the river. This heated up in the 1990s when the Fraserlands (named for the river they line) were built up with high-rises and townhomes. High-rises continue to be constructed here to this day as the population continues to grow.

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