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Payday Loans in Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia

Kitsilano is a neighbourhood in northwestern Vancouver, British Columbia. Its name is derived from August Jack Xats'alanexw (or Khatsahlano), a chief of the Squamish people. He worked with Vancouver settlers and helped to record his people's oral traditions in the early 1900s. The Squamish moved to the area in the 1800s to work for the settlers in the lumber mills, and a small Squamish contingent remains in Kitsilano to this day.

Initially a middle class and inexpensive neighbourhood, Kitsilano has changed over the years. The 1960s counterculture revolution was heavily adopted in Kitsilano, leading it to be a major hippie haven for the rest of the decade. Greenpeace found its start here around 1969. Over time, however, the prime location between the beaches of northern Vancouver and the downtown area lead to gentrification.

Kitsilano has many outdoor attractions. The Kitsilano Beach is one of the most popular in Vancouver. It has the longest outdoor pool in Canada, the salt-water Kitsilano Pool. Vanier Park is located here and contains the Vancouver Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Space Centre.

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