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Payday Loans in Strathcona, Vancouver, British Columbia

Strathcona is one of the most diverse and oldest sections of Vancouver. Interestingly, the predominant language spoken here is Chinese. This stems from the fact that Chinese workers were brought to Vancouver in the 1880's to work establishing railroads connecting Vancouver to the rest of Canada. Today, this neighborhood contains many nationalities and is one of the most integrated areas in Vancouver.

The history of Strathcona has mirrored the growth of Vancouver. The area originally started as a lumber and milling operation in the 1860's. Citizens who moved there were always considered working class. They were laborers who brought their varied ethnic backgrounds to form a tight knit community. People from Eastern and Western Europe, other parts of Canada and the United States and China made up a predominant mix of Strathcona in the early 1900's.

Today many residents are urban professionals who work in a variety of white collar jobs. The area has been designated as the oldest neighborhood within Vancouver and many buildings have been preserved to honor the history of Strathcona over the past 150 years. Many Chinese downtown district buildings have been renovated which has added significantly to property values in the area.

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Prior to our decision to provide you with an advance, you must first supply our company with adequate data to enable us to authenticate your identity. We need to see that your salary originates from your employment. Your cheque stub will be satisfactory but our preferred verification will be in an web banking record. We will not have the option to grant the advance if you are paid by your employer in cash, or you're getting disability.

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