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Payday Loans in Yaletown, Vancouver, British Columbia

Yaletown is a neighborhood in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is named for the community of residents of that moved to the area once the Canadian Pacific Railway reached the town of Yale, which is 150 miles to the east of Vancouver. Due to the presence of the railroad and its working class population, Yaletown was heavily industrialized, with a number of factories and warehouses constructed in the area. Over time, and especially in the post-World War II period, industry declined and the neighborhood fell into decline.

In 1986, the Expo 86 was held in and around Yaletown. Over 22 million people from around the world attended this World's Fair. It transformed the structure of the neighborhood in its wake. Disused warehouses and factory buildings were bought up and demolished. A huge shift was made to residential buildings with a focus on modernization. The population exploded following this effort. This shift is seen as a major success in urban renewal.

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