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Payday Loans in Fraser Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Fraser Street is turning out to be one of the major shopping hubs in the Eastern Vancouver region. Some 20 years back, Fraser Street was somewhat infamous for the shadier side of the city but has improved greatly. Fraser street has attracted a number of independent business owners to set up their boutique shops due to the cheap rentals when compared to the other regions in Eastern Vancouver. Fraser street is home to a variety of ethnically diverse restaurants like the Chinese, Indian, Filipino and Polish.

In addition to the individual specialty stores, this street has also attracted Franchise business divisions like Subway, Starbucks and Shoppers Drug Mart. Due to this rapid commercial growth, Fraser street has attracted a number of first time home buyers to look for condos and townhouses in and around Fraser Street. Fraser Street came in to prominence as early as 1875, when North Arm Road was created to carry the wagons from the Fraser River Delta area to the false creek region. With the completion of Fraser Street bridge in 1905, Fraser River Delta region was able to connect with Richmond

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