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Payday Loans in Marpole, Vancouver, British Columbia

Marpole is a neighborhood in southern Vancouver, British Columbia. The area was first settled at least as early as 3500 B.C. by First Nations peoples. Like many of Vancouver's neighborhoods, Marpole was first settled in the 1860s and experienced a large period of growth in the early 1900s with the establishment of the railway system. The British Columbia Electric Railway connected Marpole to other population centers in the Vancouver area, encouraging the growth of the materials industry. In fact, the neighborhood was named for a Canadian Pacific Railroad executive, Richard Marpole , during this period.

Following the post-World War II decline in industry, the neighborhood shifted towards a residential and commercial area. Some industry remains along the river and at the outskirts of the city. Marpole is currently undergoing a large redevelopment project to create the Marine Landing, a precinct which will house residential and commercial towers as well as a large amount of retail space. This will continue the shift of Marpole from an industrial neighborhood to a commercial and residential center.

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