5 Smart Ways To Shop And Still Save Big After The Holidays

Posted on Friday 08 January 2016


While you probably feel all "shopped-out" after the holidays, you may be surprised that this time of the year is a great time to keep shopping. Boxing Day Sales are generally stressful. However, January offers no less impressive discounts on goods. It is a great month to shop but save big.

The electronics section is a great place to start. Unfortunately, this is not the best time for you to seek a discount on your insurance. Retailers want to move old winter merchandise out, so many are cutting prices by up to 75% at this time of the year. While it may seem frivolous, taking advantage of holiday sales is one of the smartest money moves you can make.

Purchases should be planned, so it’s important to research the products you want by reading online reviews and comparing the sales price to the original price. It is best to avoid getting payday loans in Red Deer, if you live in Alberta, just to get gifts.

You will start to notice a trend of what items to go on sale and when. It's hard to believe, but post-Christmas sales are usually even bigger than Black Friday. If you’re looking to get new electronics, this is worthy of consideration. These are usually very expensive but are also likely to be marked down massively. The discounts can be so high that you can buy more with less. If you need a loan for these purchases, you can borrow from My Canada Payday.

January and February are a great time for Canadians to get out there and find some deals, but keep an eye out for sales after every major holiday. Once you start recognizing the sales pattern, you’ll be able to spend smart money to save some money.

Here are a few items you can save money on in January:


The absolute best time to buy electronics such as laptops, tablets, desktops and phones is in February. So, mark it on your calendar and make a list of the brands you are considering.

Body And Bath Care

While they’re not usually super expensive, post-Christmas is a great time to stock up on bath and body care items for the rest of the year. Retail stores like Bath & Body Works usually offer huge discounts on soaps, lotions, body butter, candles and more. By early February, prices start to shoot up again for Valentine’s Day.

Storage Items

You probably accumulated a lot of stuff over the holidays, so you’ll surely need somewhere to store it. Storage items are often up to 50% off after the holidays. They are the perfect way to organize your festive decorations and other things you want to keep out of sight.


This is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make, so you should look for great deals when shopping for a new car. The best time to buy one is the end of the year, so it is a good idea to plan and take advantage of reduced rates. Besides, this gives you some time to save.

Of course, sales extend far beyond retail. You may even find some stores accepting money orders. Online shopping is often the best way to find the biggest deals after the holidays. You can save up to 65% by shopping online for homewares, clothing and fitness accessories. Shopping remotely also affords you the advantage of comparing retailers quickly and easily to get the best deals. You can get money from online money lenders if you need extra funds to offset your budget.


Asides from earning passive income, taking advantage of sales is a good way to see financial improvement. It also does not involve any risk. These tips are simple yet effective ways to save money on items you would be buying anyway. If you can avoid the allure of impulse buys, shopping during sales season is a smart financial move that will save you money later in the year.

This will continue to prove useful in later years. If you are building a personal brand, sharing these shopping tips can help increase people's trust in you. After all, we all love to save some cash