Save Money With Grocery Delivery Apps

Posted on Friday 01 April 2022

Save Money With Grocery Delivery Apps

The past few months have brought some of the highest gasoline prices that Canadians have ever seen. Prices at the pump are at a record high this spring, compounded by global conflict, a surge in demand as offices return to in-person, and a renewed ability to travel.

With daily travel becoming more costly, it makes sense that millions of Canadians are now looking for ways to eliminate those minor day-to-day trips. One such trip is going to the grocery store to stock up on pantry and kitchen supplies. Luckily, the popularity of grocery delivery apps can make grocery shopping more convenient and more affordable!

But can a grocery delivery app save you money? What are the best grocery delivery apps to try? In the sections below, we'll show you why grocery delivery apps can be a welcome addition to your monthly budget and our favorite grocery delivery apps that you can try today.

How can using grocery delivery apps save you money?

Opting for grocery delivery apps can be a great way to stretch your budget – even when you consider the added expense of tipping your delivery driver. If you're on the fence over whether a grocery delivery app is worth it, consider these money-saving benefits:

Conserving your gas tank

The biggest and best savings from grocery delivery apps are avoiding the current inflated prices at the pump. With a delivery app, you can save yourself a trip to the grocery store, which means you aren't using up your gas driving back and forth or sitting in traffic. Less driving also reduces the chances of your car getting damaged over time. Which means you won't be looking for car repair loans any time soon. Guess that's more money in your pocket.

And if you use public transportation, you can still reap some money-saving benefits by having your groceries delivered. Instead of paying for a bus ticket to and from the grocery store, save those fares for your daily transportation expenses, like your morning and evening work commute. It depends on where you live, but if you can, then why not? This is

Buying in bulk

There are tons of standard monthly expenses that you can save money on by simply buying larger quantities. That's because buying in bulk is almost always cheaper per unit, but it also means that you can go longer without restocking. So you save on money and the actual work as well.

The easiest way is to start with the paper products you regularly use, like paper towels and toilet paper. But the benefits of buying in bulk don't stop there! Look for opportunities to purchase pantry and kitchen staples in larger quantities, like spices, flour, sugar, canned goods, condiments, and even boxed goods like pasta. Buying in bulk is just great financial advice.

Whether you are a wealthy individual or not.

Avoiding impulse purchases

Creating a grocery list through an app means that you have the opportunity to search for specific items and build your grocery list one by one. This way, you intentionally select each item without even setting foot in the store.

If you're prone to impulse purchases, you can even give yourself a "failsafe" by adding meal planning! Start by planning out your meals for the week, listing the ingredients you'll need, and cross-checking that with what you already have. Then, you can start putting together your grocery delivery list based only on what you know you'll be eating (and only on what you know you'll need). Creating a list can also help you plan ahead and manage your cash flow properly. If you ever step out out bounds, feel free to look into one hour payday loans. Nobody expects you to start managing your money right off the bat so it's okay to slip up.

Top 5 grocery delivery apps to use today

There are plenty of grocery delivery apps out there, but how do you know which is the right one for you? We've outlined our favorite grocery delivery apps to help you narrow down the list!


The OG of grocery delivery apps, Instacart is a fan favorite for Canadians who want groceries delivered seamlessly to their door. It's an incredibly user-friendly app: Instacart gives you real-time updates on your shopping trip, makes it easy to swap out-of-stock items right from the app, and offers speedy delivery (often within an hour).

They've also got a great introductory offer for their yearly membership plan. Instacart gives you free delivery for the first two weeks on orders over $35 and lower service fees. This option will let you try out grocery delivery in a super-affordable way, which is ideal if this is your first time using a grocery delivery app! However, if you decide to use another app, cancel your trial membership before your two weeks are up. Or you have to pay the $99 annual fee.


Powered by Uber, Cornershop gives you access to tons of grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores in your area. The standard membership is free, but you'll get a much better deal on repeat grocery deliveries if you want to sign up for the Cornershop Pop program.

Cornershop Pop members get free delivery on orders over $30 (including zero delivery charges when ordering from Costco). You'll also get access to special members-only deals within the Cornershop platform. Cornershop Pop is currently $99 per year – but with free delivery and cost-cutting promotions, you can easily find yourself saving money with this grocery delivery app.

Costco Canada

If you're a Costco member, you can get your groceries delivered (and maximize your savings by buying in bulk!) without even leaving your couch. Costco offers grocery delivery throughout Canada, from Yukon to Nova Scotia and everywhere in between. Depending on the types of groceries you want to see delivered, you can choose from two options.

  • CostcoGrocery: Includes non-perishable groceries and household supplies. There is no surcharge for orders over $75 (You will have additional shipping and handling fees, as this is not a same-day option).
  • Same-day Delivery: Powered by Instacart, you can order same-day delivery for anything you need from Costco – including fresh foods. You'll have to meet a $35 order minimum to get groceries delivered (but we're willing to bet that's an easy target).

For bulk shoppers, you can't get any better than Costco! Sure, you may get a few more paper towel rolls than you need, but if you have the storage space, you'll be able to tap into your reserves as required and pay a lower price per unit in the process. If you still need additional cash for your groceries here, just ask us about our instant wire payday loan options.

Walmart Canada

There's a lot to love about using Walmart Canada as your grocery delivery app of choice – this is where you'll often find the best bargains, with low prices on a wide range of grocery staples from fresh fruits and vegetables to frozen dinners and non-perishables. You can also access weekly flyers in the app, making it easy to see what's on sale to get the best value for your money.

Plus, Walmart has an incredible range of household supplies, beauty products, and even clothing – all of which you can combine with your Walmart grocery delivery! Of course, there are some fees to consider. Like other grocery delivery apps, Walmart has a minimum purchase to be eligible for home delivery ($35). There are also delivery fees for same-day and two-hour delivery.

PC Express

Online grocery delivery with PC Express gives you access to an impressive list of grocery stores, including Provigo, Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Fortinos, No Frills, etc. You'll get access to the same discounts and deals through the app as you would when visiting the store physically. You can also choose from tons of timeslots to ensure the delivery of groceries in a window that works best for you.

And PC Express makes it easy to order grocery delivery on a budget, too! They post promo codes right on their website for points and free deliveries on your first order (if you meet the $100 order minimum), so you can get off to a running start.

Grocery apps are a great way to save money, especially during record-setting gas prices and even higher inflation. Please take a look at our favorite grocery delivery apps and try one out today! You could find that using a grocery delivery app helps you stretch your monthly budget even further. We could all use some extra flexibility in our budget, to be honest!