Saving Money At The Pump

Posted on Tuesday 08 March 2022

Saving Money At The Pump

Gas prices are on the rise, and it seems like they will continue to do so, especially with the ongoing recent events. However, don't let that deter your morale. You can do many things to keep things "moving" while saving at the pump. All you need to do is get a little creative, have an open mind, and be willing to try some new things.

Check out our special tips to help you save more at your local gas station.

Just Drive Less

Yes, we get it. Easier said than done. However, if you can, try to drive less. Most people use a vehicle for three reasons. Work commute, groceries, and then followed by travel. Maybe suspend traveling for a while, or walk to the grocery store if you can. If you can do both? Well, then even better.

Lastly, start taking public transportation if possible. You don't have to do it forever, but just for a while until things cool off. Which we all know they eventually do.

Plus, the savings here will add up, and you'll be improving your health in the process as well. Did you know that driving less can also decrease your monthly insurance payment? Talk with your insurance agent about this. In some unique cases or specific cities, it totally can.

Find A New Adventure Through Carpooling

If taking the car is a must, then you might as well start carpooling. Carpooling is a form of car sharing which allows commuters, who typically live close by to share one vehicle. All at the same time. Believe it or not, carpooling is also a "social" activity as it's a great way to meet new people.

Who knows what fantastic things this could bring in your life. New friendships, new ideas?

In addition, you'll save on gas and other related expenses as well (Buying that unnecessary chocolate bar at the gas station, etc). In some cases, by almost 50%.

By the way, if you're an introvert at heart, don't worry about carpooling.

You can always share a ride but don't have to socialize all the time. Just set your boundaries early, and keep an open mind.

Most likely, you'll end up having a great time while saving money.

Make Your Current Vehicle More Fuel Efficient

If you must drive, doing these few things can really make a positive difference.

  • Follow the speed limit. It will definitely decrease your fuel consumption over time.
  • Remove any extra weight in your car. Less weight causes less friction which burns less fuel.
  • Install an air intake. An air intake may also increase your vehicle's horsepower while decreasing fuel consumption. Finally, a tradeoff that works in your favor right?
  • Keep the right pressure in your tires, as low pressure (Below 11lbs, give or take) will require more power from your vehicle's engine to keep things moving smoothly. Plus, it's bad for your tires too. Just check with your local car mechanic for the right tire pressure for your specific vehicle.

Trade-in for an EV (Electric Vehicle)

In the past, electric vehicles were not as popular as gas-powered vehicles. They are a less robust and less reliable option. At least that's what the initial consensus was. Nowadays, with the advances in technology, and the development of new battery technologies, electric cars are becoming more popular.

Electric vehicles have a lot of advantages over gas-powered cars.

They don't pollute the air or release CO2 into it; they are ridiculously cheap for fuel/maintenance, plus they are quieter.

If you ever thought about going all-electric, this would be a great time to do so.

Also, check with your local government bureau.

Some offer massive incentives when an electric vehicle is purchased.

So if you were ever on the fence about electric vehicles, this is a great time to learn more about them. Keep in mind though, an instant payday loan in Canada might not be large enough to help you get an EV.

Roll Those Windows Down (Use less air conditioning)

Another thing you can do is just use less a/c in your car.

Do you need it right now anyway?

It's practically Spring so it's not that bad.

Air conditioners work by compressing and cooling the air inside your car. Turning on your A/C creates an increase in "drag" on your engine. Creating lower fuel efficiency (As more fuel is needed to power this compressor).

To combat this problem, manufacturers have created new technologies that help reduce this issue, like using electric fans instead of gas-powered ones or using heat pump technology instead of traditional refrigerants.

However, the fact remains that when you turn on your a/c, you'll be burning up a decent amount of fuel regardless.

So roll those windows down, enjoy the fresh air (At least most of the time, we hope), and watch your gas expenses start to go down.

By using less a/c, you can make a big difference in the quality of your own life.

Get Your Walk On

Want to really save at the pump? Just don't go there at all.

If you can walk to your destination, then go for it.

There is no point in driving to your local pet food shop if it's only a few blocks away.

Walk more, get in shape, and save money. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it. In addition, walking is a great way to relieve stress and boost your mood.

Walking for just 10 minutes a day can make you feel better about yourself, make you more productive, and improve your overall health.

The best thing about walking is that it's free. You can do it anytime, anywhere, and it doesn't require you to buy all kinds of special gear either.

All you need is a pair of good shoes and the desire to walk. By the way, this is another way to meet your local neighbour's, etc.

Hang in There

Higher gas prices are also an opportunity to "fuel" (No pun intended) some real innovation in this space.

So don't be surprised if something new or more amazing comes out of this situation.

At the moment, we want you to hang in there, and if you do need some extra cash, you can always count on us.

As we can help you learn more about fast payday loans, and how you can get one as well.

Always see the glass as half full vs. half empty.

Please Note: Always consult with your local car professional first, before taking any kind of action on your car.