Staying Warm During a Cold Spring

Posted on Tuesday 15 March 2022

Staying Warm During Spring Time

It’s no secret that Canada has its fair share of harsh, cold, and bitter winter temperatures. (After all, we’re not called “The Great White North” for nothing!). Learning how to deal with the cold is just part of the deal when you live here. It means knowing how to stay warm during the winter, whether it’s through adding another blanket (or two) onto the bed at night, installing extra insulation in the attic, or mastering the fine art of layering.

Of course, in a best-case scenario, once the clocks turn back and spring rolls around, we’d start to see a break from winter temperatures. Unfortunately, most Canadians will have to hold on a little bit longer this time. Until the traditional Spring sunshine and warmer temperatures come into play. The latest weather forecasts predict “a rocky road ahead” with colder spring temperatures on the way. Staying warm during a cold spring may be challenging (Plus super confusing with the sun out and all) – but it’s not impossible!

Let’s take a look at a few key tips on how you can make the most out of this cold front and stay as warm as possible.

Layers are your friend

Layering is, by far, one of the best things that you can do to stay warm, whether you’re battling through frigid winter temperatures or trying to keep your blood flowing during chilly spring breezes. But there’s a fine art to layering, and too many layers can make you even more uncomfortable.

One good rule of thumb is to choose your layers depending on what type of activity (or lack of activity, no shame here) you will be doing. For example, if you’re bundling up to watch a game outdoors or supervise a playdate for the kids, you’ll definitely want to add a few extra layers knowing that you’ll mostly be standing or sitting.

On the other hand, if you’re heading out for a hike or a walk, you’re going to have a totally different layering strategy. It might be tempting to put on as many layers as you can – but that movement is going to cause your internal body temperature to rise, which can quickly turn into feeling like you are overheating.

Instead, wear layers that can easily be removed once you start moving around and get your blood flowing. That also means avoiding cotton as much as possible.

Cotton absorbs perspiration and can make you feel colder, so if you’re planning on being active outdoors, opt for wool, down, polyester, or synthetic blends instead. If you have kids, feel free to show your child tax benefits as income for a payday loan. It will definitely help you increase your cash flow, and allow you to buy more clothes for your kids.

After all, they are the ones that need to be protected the most.

Don’t pack your winter duds away

Even though the snow may be disappearing, you’ll want to resist the urge to include your winter clothing and accessories in your annual spring cleaning. With a prolonged cold front on the way for Canada, it’s time to put those totes and vacuum-sealed bags down!

Having a good, solid, reliable coat is going to be important for the next few months. Keep at least one heavy winter coat at the ready to make staying warm during a cold spring easy and convenient (bonus points if it’s made out of down, or has a hood attached).

You’ll also want to keep a warm pair of winter boots handy, especially ones that have good grip and traction. Although true spring weather is still yet to come, there will be some push and pull when it comes to frigid cold and warmer temperatures. From melting snow to black ice, sidewalks and driveways are bound to be slippery, wet, and cold for at least a few more weeks yet.

And of course, don’t be tempted to get rid of the cold weather essentials like scarves, gloves, hats, and good-quality socks. Bundling up during the spring might feel like overkill, but colder temperatures can wreak havoc on fingers, ears, and toes. Hypothermia happens easier than you may think – shockingly, you can even get hypothermia in the summer, which means springtime is certainly no exception!

Invest in some hand and toe warmers

Hand and toe warmers are such a great and easy way to stay warm during the spring, especially as outdoor sports start to ramp up for high school and college. Stay warm at a track meet, a baseball game, softball game, or a tennis match by adding a few hand warmers to your gloves! Most hand and toe warmers are designed to last for a few hours, but some can last for as long as an entire day.

Best of all, hand warmers and toe warmers are super easy to find (and affordable, too). You can pick up hand warmers easily online, or even at gas stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Once the cold weather has passed, don’t forget to tuck them away somewhere till next season. So you can save some money in the process as well. After all, increasing your savings is a solid wealth building tip.

Keep your metabolism going

Trying not to put on extra weight during the winter is a familiar struggle for most of us – and after another winter of COVID, it might be tempting to try and cut back on your daily meals in order to shed the winter pounds. But if you’re looking to stay warm during a cold spring, skipping breakfast might not be the best way to do it.

Did you know that eating a meal in the morning when it’s cold outside can actually help you stay warm? Eating breakfast helps jumpstart your metabolism and keep a comfortable, healthy internal body temperature. This is especially true if you are getting ready for a day of outdoor activity in the cold – so don’t let your worries over losing winter weight keep you from setting your metabolism up for success during a chilly spring!

We’re all in for a colder spring than we might be used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get outdoors, explore, and enjoy the next few months. Don’t forget the importance of layering, wearing the right clothing and accessories, and eating right so that you can stay as comfortable as possible during this cold front. And of course, if the chilly temps are just too much to bear, a last-minute tropical vacation may just be an instant payday loan away.

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