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Payday Loans in Broadview North, Toronto, East York, Ontario

Broadview North is a neighborhood in the East York district of Toronto, Ontario. Like much of East York, this area was mostly developed in the 1920s and 1930s in a strict, block-like manner. After World War II, the population of Toronto was expanding rapidly, and the Broadview North area was perfectly placed to provide for the need for more dense housing. Its location on the underdeveloped edge of East York, but still close to downtown Toronto made this area ideal for construction of apartment high-rises for the waves of working class immigrants arriving in Toronto.

This historic influence remains today, as Broadview North is a diverse and ethnic neighborhood with large minorities of Greeks and Serbians in addition to English, Irish, and Scottish peoples. The neighborhood remains working class for the most part, with a median income below the Toronto norm. Low housing costs and proximity to downtown Toronto do make the neighborhood somewhat attractive to home-buyers, and what few houses were built in the early days of the area are slowly being replaced with larger homes and duplexes.

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