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Payday Loans in O'Connor-Parkview, Toronto, East York, Ontario

O'Connor-Parkview is a neighborhood in the East York district of Toronto, Ontario. This is an official city designation for a collection of three diverse but nearby neighborhoods in the area: Topham Park, Woodbine Gardens, and Parkview Hills. Nestled near the Don River Valley and fed by several creeks, this area is lush with green space and rolling hills.

Topham Park is a small and quaint neighborhood with a strong sense of community and family. The homes here are noted for their large lawns and relative uniformity of construction. This neighborhood maintains a sense of continuity, as many younger people from the area choose to return when they start their own family.

Woodbine Gardens is built on the grounds of a former golf course. Its entire southern border consists of the Taylor Creek Park. This is the most populous area of O'Connor-Parkview, as it is the only one of the three to incorporate a significant number of high-rises.

Parkview Hills contains the most affluent area in O'Connor-Parkview. It is bordered by park land to the north and the south, and is the closest to the Don River. Homes and lots in Parkview Hills are relatively large and the prices have risen recently as increasing population in Toronto drives up demand for these beautiful homes located relatively close to the downtown area.

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