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Payday Loans in Thorncliffe Park, Toronto, East York, Ontario

Thorncliffe park is a multi-cultural neighborhood of about 30,000 people. The neighborhood is located in the eastern section of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is bounded by the Don River on the east and Millwood road on the west. The area was originally owned by Robert T Davies the founder of the Dominion Brewing Company. Davies raced horses at his nearby Thorncliffe stables and the area would house a popular horse racing track until 1952 when the Thorncliffe Park Raceway racetrack was sold. The area then became the site of some of Toronto's earliest high-rise residential neighborhoods. The residential Leaside towers of Thorncliffe park are among the tallest buildings in Toronto. The East York Town Centre is the central location of the area's retail establishments and it is accessible to all Thorncliffe citizens by sidewalk or public transportation. The Thorncliffe park area has a large immigrant population and as of 2001 almost 70 percent of the citizens living in the community were immigrants.

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